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North America's Leading Energy Event
June 13-15, 2023
BMO Centre at Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada

Global Energy Show 5x5 Series

Tune into our 5x5 series where we meet with energy experts to talk about exciting and innovative ways energy is making an impact

Be part of the conversation and join us as we talk all things energy. If you and your company are doing innovative things that impact the energy sector, we want to speak to you! Reach out to us on our social media channels, or email

CAOEC: A deeper look into energy investment, infrastructure and resources

5x5 Series | May 27, 2022

March Scholz, President and CEO, Canadian Association of Energy Contractors (CAOEC) discusses four key pillars needed to secure long-term investment in the energy sector, the utilization of Canada's current energy infrastructure in the development of alternative fuels and what companies should be doing right now to prepare for the changing market.

Read the article: A Deep Look into Infrastructure, Resources, and Long-Term Investing in Energy Sector

#globalenergyshow #CAOEC #energyinvestment #energytransition #energyassociation #energyinfrastructure

Energy Security: How Canada Ranks in the Global Market

5x5 Series | May 13, 2022

Kelly Ogle, CEO, Canadian Global Affairs Institute discusses Canada's energy security and regulatory uncertainty, the impact to supply and demand due to current geo-political issues, and how Canadian gas and LNG addresses energy security, affordability and reliability.

Read the article: Global Energy Security: How Canada Ranks in the Global Market

#globalenergyshow #globalaffairs #energysecurity #energytransition #cleanenergy

BMO: Assessing Capital, Navigating Partnerships and Sustainable Finance in a Low Carbon Economy

5x5 Series | April 22, 2022

Jonathan Hackett, Co-Head BMO Energy Transition Group, Head Sustainable Finance discusses a bank’s role in the energy transition, sustainable finance and how BMO helps companies decarbonize and plan for the future.

Read the article: How Energy Companies Can Access Capital, Navigate Partnerships and Sustainable Finance in a Low Carbon EconomyHow Energy Companies Can Access Capital, Navigate Partnerships and Sustainable Finance in a Low Carbon Economy

#globalenergyshow #bmo #sustainablefinance #energytransition

Decarbonizing, decentralizing & digitalizing the electricity system is critical to reaching net zero

5x5 Series | March 11, 2022

Robert Hornung, President & CEO at Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CanREA) discusses key takeaways from CanREA's 2050 Vision, the crucial role of wind, solar & green hydrogen will play in reaching our net-zero targets, and the need for full transformation of the electricity system to increase the efficiency in production, transmission & use of energy going forward.

Read the article: Decarbonizing, Decentralizing & Digitalizing the Electricity System is Critical to Reaching Net-Zero

#globalenergyshow #CanREA #renewableenergy #energyfuture #netzero #energytransformation #WindEnergy #SolarEnergy #GreenHydrogen #energytransmission

Reducing Environmental Impact Through Air Travel with the Edmonton International Airport

5x5 Series | February 25, 2022

Myron Keehn, Vice President, Air Service and Business Development at the Edmonton International Airport (EIA) discusses being part of the climate pledge initiative, changes you can expect from the EIA in terms of sustainability and trends in air travel that make a significant impact in reaching global climate targets. 

Read the article: How Edmonton International Airport Plans to Reduce Their Airport Environmental Impact

#globalenergyshow #EIA #airtravel #sustainability #decarbonization

The Future Energy Mix: How the Energy Transition is an Opportunity for Canada's Leading Companies

5x5 Series | February 4, 2022

Kelly Newnham, Senior Vice President, Growth, at Worley discusses collaborative opportunities within the energy transition, what companies should be doing to prepare for the changing market and the biggest trends impacting the Canadian energy sector right now.

Read the article: Canada Energy Transition: Opportunities for Leading Companies to Evolve

#globalenergyshow #Worley #energytransition #energy

From the Experts: How the Energy Industry Can Better Utilize AI and Machine Learning

5x5 Series | January 7, 2022

David Chan, Product Lead - Industry at the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii) discusses the CIFAR Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, how Amii collaborates with others across the country and how industry and governments can support AI & ML adoption.

Read the article: How AI In the Energy Industry Can Be Better Utilized Alongside Machine Learning

#globalenergyshow #Amii #artificialintelligence #AI #machinelearning #ML #energy #energytransition

Interview with Heather Campbell, Executive Director, Alberta Innovates

5x5 Series | December 10, 2021

Heather Campbell, Executive Director of Alberta Innovates discusses current clean technology trends, Alberta's performance in clean technology and the collaboration between energy systems that will help Canada get to net zero.

Read the article: Alberta Clean Technology: Collaborating to Reach Global Climate Goals

#globalenergyshow #albertainnovates #cleantechnology #cleantech #abinnovation #ccus #bbc #energy #energyfuture #energytransformation #netzero

Interview with Monica Gattinger, Professor, University of Ottawa

5x5 Series | November 12, 2021

Monica Gattinger, Director of the Institute for Science, Society and Policy; Professor, Political Studies; Chair of Positive Energy, University of Ottawa discusses the shift in how people are talking about climate change, opportunities and obstacles Canada is facing to hit net zero by 2050, and key learnings and takeaways from COP26. #globalenergyshow #energytransition #energy #climatechange #ESG #netzero

Interview with Luisa Da Silva, Executive Director, Iron & Earth

5x5 Series | October 15, 2021

Luisa Da Silva, Executive Director of Iron & Earth discusses the Renewable Skills Initiative, current projects in Canada helping to diversify the economy, and transferable skills of fossil fuel and Indigenous workers to the net-zero economy. #globalenergyshow #ironandearth #energytransition #Canadianworkforce #netzero #upskill #transferableskills #energy

Interview with Michael England, Chief Operating Officer, Moltex Energy

5x5 Series | October 1, 2021

Michael England, Chief Operating Officer, Moltex Energy discusses the safety and economics around nuclear power in the future, how Canada's energy mix will look like in 2030 and the critical role of clean energy in meeting net zero by 2050. #globalenergyshow #energytransition #nuclearenergy #moltexenergy #cleanenergy #nuclearpower #energyindustry #energytransition #netzero

Interview with Caralyn Bennett, President, CHOA

5x5 Series | September 24, 2021

Caralyn Bennett, President of the Canadian Heavy Oil Association (CHOA) discusses heavy oil playing a key role for Canada as it strives towards net zero by 2050, Canada's highly-skilled innovative workforce aiming to achieve ESG goals and how CHOA fits within the energy transition. #globalenergyshow #CHOA #heavyoil #energy #energyindustry #oil #energytransition

Interview with Pietro Di Zanno, Hydrogen, Petrochemical & Refining Subject Matter Expert, Stantec

5x5 Series | September 10, 2021

Pietro Di Zanno, Hydrogen, Petrochemical & Refining Subject Matter Expert from Stantec discusses hydrogen's position in the energy transition, the cost of grey, blue and green hydrogen, and why everyone is starting to pay attention. #globalenergyshow #stantec #hydrogen #energytransition #innovation 

Interview with Rod Bryden, Chairman & CEO, OMNI Conversion Technologies

5x5 Series | September 3, 2021

Rod Bryden, Chairman & CEO of OMNI Conversion Technologies discusses circular hydrogen production, how OMNI Conversion Technologies fits within the energy mix and reducing the carbon footprint with OmniSyngas™. #globalenergyshow #OMNICT #energytransition #hydrogen #wastetohydrogen #innovation

Read the article: Syngas Hydrogen Conversion and Reducing Canada's Carbon Footprint

Interview with David Milia, CEO, Canadian Energy and Climate Nexus

5x5 Series | August 27, 2021

Dave Milia, CEO of the Canadian Energy Climate Nexus (CECN) discusses how the Canadian energy sector should be more inclusive to all energy sources to help reach global climate targets, how Canadian culture has impacted the industry and how Canadian consumers should reflect on their own energy usage.

#globalenergyshow #CECN #Canadianenergy#energytransition #netzero #innovation #energyfuture

Read the article: Canadian Energy Climate Nexus - Canada’s Energy Future - Global Energy Show

Hydrogen as an Energy Source | Technology and Innovation | Global Energy Show

5x5 Series | August 20, 2021

Bill Ireland, CEO of Logan Energy discusses hydrogen as a fuel source, what markets will be quick to adapt to technologies and innovations that help decarbonize, and how hydrogen fits within the energy landscape as the world works towards hitting 2050 climate targets. #globalenergyshow #loganenergy #hydrogen #cleanenergy #energytransition #netzero #innovation #energyfuture #ScotlandisNow

Read this article: The Future of Hydrogen as an Energy Source

Interview with Ofer Vicus, CEO, Aduro Clean Technologies Inc.

5x5 Series | August 13, 2021

Ofer Vicus, CEO of Aduro Clean Technologies discusses using Aduro technology to improve on existing practices, working towards a lower carbon future while increasing profitability, and making the energy industry more financially and environmentally sustainable. #globalenergyshow #AduroCleanTechnologies #Hydrochemolytic #innovation #newchemistry #biofuels

Accenture Calgary | Capitalizing on New Technology | Global Energy Show

5x5 Series | August 12, 2021

Global Energy Show Spotlight Series - Technology Edition, brought to you by Cisco. Pete MacLeod, Principal Director, Accenture discusses helping clients capitalize on new technologies, utilizing technologies to optimize workplace safety and communication, and using Cisco's technology to help clients best utilize hard-to-reach data. #globalenergyshow #cisco #accenture

Read the article: Accenture Calgary: How Embracing Technology Improves Workplace Safety and Communication

Climate Adaptive Strategies in Oil and Gas | Energy Industry Services | Global Energy Show

5x5 Series | August 6, 2021

Nathan Petherick, Partner at B&A Planning Group discusses B&A's custom monitoring program, land-use consideration in the sector, and the services B&A provides to the energy industry. #globalenergyshow #BAPlanningGroup #CommunityPlanning #ABPlanning #CommunityEngagement #energy #energyindustry

Read the article: Unique Climate Adaptive Strategies in Oil and Gas

Eavor Loop | Geothermal Energy Transition | Global Energy Show

5x5 Series | July 30, 2021

Paul Cairns, Chief Business Development Officer of Eavor Technologies discusses the scalable innovation - the Eavor Loop, the energy transition from a geothermal perspective and why it's important to be at the Global Energy Show. #globalenergyshow #EavorTechnologies #EnergyforEavor #geothermal #geothermalenergy #innovation #technology #ABinnovation #energyfuture #sustainability

Read the article: How the Eavor Loop Is Improving Access to Geothermal Energy Worldwide

AI in the Energy Industry | Solving Industry Issues | Global Energy Show

5x5 Series | July 23, 2021

Chantal Schutz, CFO & Executive Vice President of mCloud Corp. discusses solving problems in the energy industry using AI, working with Invest Alberta to help companies decarbonize, and the potential for AssetCare, which has already helped reduce the carbon footprint of its customers by 80,000 tonnes. #globalenergyshow #mCloudCorp #AI #technology #decarbonize #ghgemissions #energyfuture #sustainability

Read the article: How Using AI in the Energy Industry Can Reduce Harmful Carbon Emissions

Foresight Cleantech | Clean Technology Innovation | Global Energy Show

5x5 Series | July 16, 2021

Jeanette Jackson, CEO of Foresight Canada, discusses supporting industry to launch, commercialize and scale cleantech innovation on the path to net zero, working with sectors to identify innovation gaps and breaking down silos between stakeholders. #globalenergyshow #ForesightCanada #CCUS #innovation #innovationaccelerator #netzero #carboncapture #energytransition #energy #cleantech #technology

Read this article: How Foresight is Leading Canadian Cleantech Innovation

Global Energy Show Spotlight Series - Technology Edition with Berkana Resources

5x5 Series | July 12, 2021

Global Energy Show Spotlight Series - Technology Edition, brought to you by Cisco. Jeff Whitney, President of Berkana Resources and Dave Quick, Senior Systems Architect of Berkana Resources discuss driving efficiency in oil and gas infrastructure, providing solutions based on Cisco products, and examples of how to reach hard-to-reach data using Cisco's technology and expertise. #globalenergyshow #operationalefficiency #energyinfrastructure #cisco #berkanaresources

Read this article: Why Oil and Gas Efficiency Support is Integral for the Industry

Energy Canadian Helium - Growth in the Industry - Global Energy Show

5x5 Series | July 9, 2021

Chris Bakker, CEO of Avanti Energy, discusses the growing helium industry in Canada, rising helium prices and what it means for investors, and helium's place in the energy mix to help Canada reach its target of net-zero by 2050. Chris Bakker: "We're taking their skills that they've built up in finding some of the best natural gas deposits in the world, applying that to this helium search that we're on." #globalenergyshow #AvantiEnergy #helium #energy

Read this article:  

 Canadian Nuclear Power | The Future of Energy Transition | Global Energy Show

5x5 Series | June 25, 2021

Global Energy Show - Katherine Moshonas Cole, President of X-energy Canada discusses the future of the nuclear industry in Canada, enabling the deployment of high-temperature gas reactors and how nuclear power fits within the energy transition. #globalenergyshow #xenergycanada #nuclearpower #nuclearenergy #SMRs #energytransition #energy

Read the article: Why Canadian Nuclear Power is the Way of the Future

Interview with Jessica Shumlich, CEO & Co-Founder, Highwood Emissions Management

5x5 Series | June 18, 2021

Jessica Shumlich, CEO & Co-Founder of Highwood Emissions Management discusses the value that emissions reductions can bring to a company, voluntary emissions reductions initiatives for responsibly sourced oil and gas, and attracting investment through publicly-disclosed emissions reporting. #globalenergyshow #highwoodemissionsmanagement #GHGreporting #energytransition #GHGemissions

Read the article: The Value Carbon Emission Reduction Plans Can Bring to a Company 

Hydrogen Energy Canada | Technologies for Net Zero | Global Energy Show

5x5 Series | June 11, 2021

Mark Kirby, President & CEO of the Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association discusses achieving net zero with clean hydrogen, commercializing hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, and the steps Canada needs to take to become a leader in the space. #globalenergyshow #CHFCA #hydrogen #fuelcell #cleanenergy #energytransition

Read this article: How Companies Aim to Achieve Net Zero with Clean Hydrogen Energy in Canada

Tundra Process Solutions | Energy Entrepreneurship | Global Energy Show

5x5 Series | June 4, 2021

Iggy Domagalski, CEO of Tundra Process Solutions discusses entrepreneurialism in the energy industry, developing a dynamic corporate culture that puts people first, and what customers can expect after Wajax acquired Tundra Solutions earlier this year. #globalenergyshow #tundraprocesssolutions #manufacturing #industrialequipment

Read the article: Tundra Process Solutions: An Entrepreneurial Journey

Interview with Candice Paton, Director, Regulatory Affairs & External Relations, Enhance Energy

5x5 Series | May 28, 2021

Candice Paton, Director, Regulatory Affairs & External Relations at Enhance Energy discusses the Alberta Carbon Trunk Line, advancements across the carbon value chain, and working with the Government of Alberta and AER to build an MMV plan to verify offset credits in Alberta. #globalenergyshow #enhanceenergy #carboncapture #sequestration #CCUS #carbonemissions #innovation #Albertainnovation

Read the article: Alberta Carbon Trunk Line: Carbon Value Chain Advancements 

Interview with Lasse Kari, Global Energy Research Lead, Accenture

5x5 Series | May 21, 2021

Lasse Kari, Global Energy Research Lead from Accenture discusses their inaugural Oil and Gas Reinvention Index research titled Necessity is the Mother of Reinvention. Lasse dives into some of the key findings of how companies are meeting the challenges of the energy transition, how understanding this data can help companies, and the gaps that exist in company culture. #globalenergyshow #Accenture #datadriven #maketheleap #leadership

Read the article: The Accenture Energy Transition Strategy and the Challenges of Energy Transition

Interview with Carol Howes, Vice President, PetroLMI

5x5 Series Trends Edition | May 14, 2021

Carol Howes, Vice Present, PetroLMI discusses the top 5 trends in the oil and gas workforce, including getting workers back to work, natural gas and LNG development, and how innovation is changing the industry. #globalenergyshow #PetroLMI #oilandgastrends #energytrends #energyworkforce #energyskills #oilandgas #workforce

Read the article: The Importance of Oil and Gas Workforce Trends

ESG Reports | Social Responsibility and Impact | Global Energy Show

5x5 Series Trends Edition | May 7, 2021

Rosa Rivero, Principal, Responsibility Matters Inc. discusses the top 5 trends of ESG reporting, and how ESG reports have changed with investors in mind. #globalenergyshow​ #ResponsibilityMatters​ #ESG​ #ESGreporting​ #investment​ #impactinvesting​ #sustainablebusiness​ #CSR​ #socialresponsibility

Read the article: How ESG Reports Impact Oil & Gas Industry Sustainability

Interview with Rhona DelFrari, Chief Sustainability Officer, Cenovus

5x5 Series | April 30, 2021

Rhona DelFrari, Chief Sustainability Officer & Senior Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement at Cenovus discusses moving through the energy transition, Cenovus' net-zero emissions ambition by 2050 and how sustainability decisions are imbedded in the company's decision making. 

Read the article: Cenovus’ Energy Transition Strategy to Reach Climate Goals by 2050

#globalenergyshow​ #Cenovus​ #CenovusEnergy​ #sustainability​ #ESG​ #energyfuture​ #futureofenergy​ #netzero​ #netzeroemissions

Geothermal Energy in Alberta | Repurposing Oil and Gas Assets | Global Energy Show

5x5 Series | April 23, 2021

Neil Ethier, Senior Business Development at Eavor discusses a solution capable of disrupting the electricity market, repurposing oil and gas assets for geothermal projects and working with the Alberta Government to develop Bill 36 (the Geothermal Resource Development Act). #globalenergyshow #Eavor #energyforEavor #geothermal #geothermalenergy #renewableenergy

Read the article: What is the Future of Geothermal Energy in Alberta?

Capital Power Sustainability Strategy | Net Carbon Neutral Goal | Global Energy Show

5x5 Series | April 16, 2021

Kate Chisholm, Q.C., Senior Vice President, Planning, Stakeholder Relations and Chief Sustainability Officer at Capital Power discusses the goal of going net carbon neutral by 2050, attracting investment from ESG investors and how supporting diversity, inclusion and equity helps Capital Power succeed. #sustainability #netcarbon #ESG #cleanenergy #energytransition

Read this article: How Capital Power's Sustainability Strategy is Powering a Net Carbon Neutral Future

Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas | Setting up for Success | Global Energy Show

5x5 Series | April 9, 2021

Jim Gibson, Chief Catalyst, School for Advanced Digital Technology, SAIT discusses digital transformation, the critical steps energy companies need to take to set up for success, and how the digital transformation helps add value in day-to-day operations. #digitaltransformation​ #bigdata​ #iot​ #businesstransformation​ #technology​ #innovation

Read the article: The Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas Companies in Canada

Interview with Jackson Hegland, Executive Director of MELA

5x5 Series | March 26, 2021

Jackson Hegland, Executive Director of the Methane Emissions Leadership Alliance (MELA) discusses methane mitigation, the regulatory landscape of Canada and the impressive innovations and technologies that are working towards reaching global climate targets. #globalenergyshow​ #energy​ #methanereduction​ #methaneemissions​ #methaneregulations​ #MELA

Read the article: Methane Mitigation Technologies and Their Role in Reaching Global Climate Targets - Global Energy Show

Global Energy Show - Glenn Pratt, CEO, George Gordon Developments Ltd.

5x5 Series | March 19, 2021

Glen Pratt, CEO of George Gordon Developments Ltd. discusses the Pesakastew Solar Project, the importance of renewable energy projects for George Gordon First Nation Community Members and reducing CO2 emissions in Saskatchewan. #globalenergyshow​ #energy​ #solarenergy​ #renewableenergy​ #energytransition​

Read this article: How First Nations Renewable Energy Projects Are Shaping Canada's Future

Alberta Renewable Energy | Advancing the Energy Industry | Global Energy Show

5x5 Series | March 12, 2021

Dan Balaban, President, CEO & Co-Founder of Greengate Power discusses why Alberta is the right fit for renewable energy projects, how Greengate is working to drive investment into Canada and the needless polarization in the energy industry. #globalenergyshow #energytransition #energy #energyinnovation #renewableenergy #solarenergy

Read the article: Alberta Renewable Energy Projects: The Driver of Canadian Energy Advancement 

Canadian Lithium Mining | National Energy Transition | Global Energy Show

5x5 Series | March 5, 2021

Clinton Desveaux, Director of Business Development & Marketing at SEVAEN Workwear and Accredited Writer on Disruption & Innovation Issues discusses a national mining strategy for Canada, energy transition and innovation in electric vehicles. #globalenergyshow​ #electricvehicles​ #Canadamining​ #mining​ #energytransition​ #energyinnovation​ #energy

Read the article: Canadian Lithium Mining: How Canada Can Become an Electric Vehicle Powerhouse

Interview with Krzysztof Palka, CEO of Akinê Inc.

5x5 Series | February 26, 2021

Krzysztof Palka, CEO of Akinê Inc. discusses utilizing cloud technology in the oil and gas industry, optimizing under-performing wells and environmental sustainability. #globalenergyshow​ #oilandgas​ #cloudtech​ #sustainabilility

Read the article​: Utilizing Cloud Technology for Well Performance in the Oil and Gas Sector

Alberta Solar Projects | Repurposing Inactive Wells | Global Energy Show

5x5 Series | February 19, 2021

Keith Hirsche, Founder and President of RenuWell Energy Solutions discusses turning inactive wells into solar energy projects, breaking down the barriers between oil & gas and renewable energy projects and the opportunity Alberta has in solar energy. #globalenergyshow​ #solarenergy​ #solar​ #solarpv​ #renewableenergy​ #energy​ #renewables​ #cleanenergy

Read the article: How an Alberta Solar Project is Repurposing Inactive Wells Into Solar Energy Solutions

Vertical Farming Sustainability | Utilizing Agricultural Skills | Global Energy Show

5x5 Series | February 12, 2021

Jason Courtepatte, President of Kite Ag Systems discusses vertical farming, utilizing electrical skills in agriculture and sustainability in food production. #energy​ #sustainability​ #agriculture

Read the article: Vertical Farming Sustainability from Local Alberta Company | Global Energy Show

Interview with Vicki Knott, CEO and Co-Founder of Crux OCM0

5x5 Series | February 5, 2021

Vicki Knott, CEO and Co-Founder of Crux OCM discusses automation in the control room, making assets more efficient and the role automation plays in reaching global climate targets.

Read the article: Oil and Gas Operations Automation - The Future of Energy - Global Energy Show

#globalenergyshow​ #automation​ #technology​ #innovation​ #digitaltransformation

Lithium Refining | The Upcoming Energy Shift | Global Energy Show

5x5 Series | January 29, 2021

Haafiz Hasham, President and CEO of LiEP Energy Ltd. discusses energy transition, the lithium industry in North America and sustainability goals. #globalenergyshow​ #energytransition​ #lithium​ #energymix

Read the article: Is Lithium Refining the Next Big Shift in the Energy Industry?

Interview with Cody Battershill, President of Canada Action

5x5 Series | January 24, 2021

Cody Battershill, President of Canada Action discusses being an energy advocate, Keystone XL and the importance of Canadian energy. #KeystoneXL​. #globalenergyshow​ #energyadvocacy​ #Canadianenergy​ #energytransition​

Read the article: Canadian Energy Advocacy and the Global Importance of Canadian Energy

Interview with Zac Trolley, Co-Founder of Lunar Water Supply Company 

5x5 Series | January 15, 2021

Zac Trolley, Co-Founder of Lunar Water Supply Company discusses diversifying Alberta's economy by utilizing the expertise of Alberta's oil and gas industry to extract resources from the moon. #globalenergyshow​ #energy​ #oilandgas​ #energyexperts​ #Canadianenergy​ #spacemission​

Read the article: Repurposing Alberta's Expertise for Mining Water on the Moon