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Energy Powering Opportunity
June 10-12, 2025
BMO Centre at Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada

The energy sector is changing for the better. A diverse and inclusive industry makes everyone, regardless of who they are or what they do, feel involved, safe and supported in the energy ecosystem. Although we are changing mindsets and beginning to address unconscious bias, the representation of women and minority groups in the energy sector has not changed substantially over the past decade. Women and visible minorities, such as indigenous groups and people of colour are under-represented as well as those who identify as LQBTQ2S+.

According to Catalyst, at 22% globally, there are fewer women in energy than almost any other sector. The extractive industry is the fourth largest industry in Canada, yet remains male-dominant, with just 31% of the sector identifying as women. People of colour account for a small share of Canada’s energy sector, as just 18% identify as a visible minority, and only 5% identified as Indigenous.

Although progress is happening, change is slow. Organizations are now placing an increased emphasis on diversity and inclusion, not only in their own business but with the businesses that they choose to work with. Having a working environment filled with employees of diverse backgrounds, skills, experiences, and knowledge means that there will be an increase in innovative and creative ideas, essential to meet the industry’s challenges.

The 2024 Global Energy Show Canada is placing diversity and inclusion at the very core of show by announcing the Equity Zone, 3 days of accessible free-to-attend content that will highlight the successes, challenges, opportunities for diversity and inclusion, as well as the road ahead as we strive for a more diverse and fair workplace.

Hear from women, BIPOC and LGTBQ2S leaders in the energy sector who are championing the solutions to this imminent challenge. Diversity and inclusion will be at the heart of every organization’s strategy for attracting and retaining talent and ensuring greater innovation and creativity. Discover the success stories and the battles that have been overcome by a new guard of energy sector workers that are breaking the mould and challenging the status quo.

Taking place during the Global Energy Show Canada, make sure you don’t miss out on this incredible show floor feature that will bring thousands of attendees from across Canada and the world together to ‘Change the Face of Energy’.

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For more information, please contact Jordan DeBarros!

Jordan DeBarros
Senior Conference Producer

Equity Zone

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