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Geothermal Energy in Alberta | Repurposing Oil and Gas Assets | Global Energy Show

What is the Future of Geothermal Energy in Alberta?

Alberta prairies

Creating innovative geothermal power and energy solutions in Alberta and worldwide is crucial for a sustainable future. 

An Alberta technology-based company, Eavor, is committed to a clean, reliable, and affordable energy future. They have a patented technology that is set to play a major role in the future of the energy transition.

Their conventional geothermal energy facility in central Alberta produces geothermal energy that provides an innovative solution for the geothermal industry and the energy industry worldwide. 

In our latest 5x5 series interview, Neil Ethier, Senior Business Development at Eavor Technologies, sat down with Rachel Gregory, Digital Host at The Global Energy Show, to discuss how his company brings sustainable solutions to Alberta and expands them globally.

Interview with Neil Ethier, Senior Business Development, Eavor

Putting Albertans to Work With Renewable Energy Sources to Create a Sustainable Future

Rachel: What is Eavor doing in Alberta today?

Neil: Eavor has its global headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, with some of the cheapest electricity prices in the world and an average geothermal gradient. So it doesn't make the most sense to be deploying our technology in Alberta for the first time. 

However, the well-established service sector and technical expertise that is available from the oil and gas industry in Calgary is immense, like geoscientists, engineers and professionals. So we're able to hire the brightest, most innovative people to come and work for Eavor. 

The first demonstration project was done in Rocky Mountain House, which is in Alberta and has proved that we could deploy our technology here. It's been running for 16 months, and it's been used as a lab and an R and D research and development continuing process. 

To this day, we have seen a big uptake in demand for our clean baseload dispatchable energy, which can be used by these large emitters and paying a price no higher than they're paying today. And so what we want to do, is we want to learn in Alberta. We want to bring down our technology advancement just like the wind and solar have done, and drilling has done in certain aspects. So by bringing that down the learning curve, along with some technology jumps, the Eavor Loop will make that happen by putting Albertans to work.

How The Government Has Supported Geothermal Potential in Canada

Rachel: What has the government and Alberta done to support geothermal energy production and projects such as the Eavor Loop?

Neil: Well, when we were founded in 2017, there were no geothermal energy regulations in the province of Alberta. And so we, along with some other traditional geothermal energy parties, worked with the Alberta government to put in Bill 36, which is the Geothermal Resource Development Act and it was put into Royal assent in December of 2020. 

Currently, Alberta energy and the Alberta energy regulators are working on the rules and regulations to dovetail with this bill. It should reach Royal proclamation Q3 of this year. It'll give us the ability to have the certainty around what the legal and regulatory allowances and regulations are to be able to bring in financing, to be able to finance every project in Alberta.

Why Repurposing Oil Wells is Important For Eavor’s Solutions

Rachel: What can you tell us about repurposing oil and gas assets and drilling for natural heat rather than for fossil fuels?

Neil: The drilling is exactly the same drilling on oil and gas wells. From a surface infrastructure standpoint, we can reutilize roads and generate electricity in existing infrastructure and well sites. Alberta has a big problem with well sites that are no longer active. And so what we can do is go in and we wouldn't be drilling down the same wellbore, but we would use the same well pad, we'd use the same road and infrastructure and, potentially take over that liability of the orphan wells and clean up the site; then repurpose it. A real sunrise industry.

How Eavor Is Different Than Alternative Geothermal Energy Companies

Rachel: With that, what else sets Eavor apart? What makes you different than other energy technology companies that are focused on renewable energy sources?

Neil: What we have is a solution that is potentially disruptive to the global electricity market. We have a solution that could potentially alter the climate profile of the planet, and it's something that can be distributed and put anywhere on the planet. And so to me, that it's really altruistic and it really feels good to be going to work knowing that every day you're working towards that solution.

Why Geothermal Energy in Alberta Is Eavor’s Starting Point To a Renewable Future

Rachel: And what makes you excited about the future of Eavor here in Alberta?

Neil: Eavor was born in Alberta. It was born out of the oil and natural gas industry and professionals. So I think that giving Alberta's jobs to Alberta citizens, to drill these Eavor Loops, while being able to export our global intellectual property and services around the world with headquarters here in Calgary really is a wonderful story for Albertans. Alberta is an energy powerhouse, and we're hoping to continue that story and write a new narrative and be part of that geothermal energy powerhouse of the future.

Rachel: Great. Thank you so much, Neil. It was so wonderful to learn about Eavor and see the amazing work that you guys are striving towards your goal and Canada's goal towards clean, sustainable and energy solutions.

Writing a New Narrative For the Future of Geothermal Energy Production in Alberta

Geothermal projects

Eavor’s technique of using existing operational energy supplies from oil wells will shine a new light on geothermal energy development. The geothermal resource potential is just beginning, and through the technologies that can better extract a renewable resource, we're headed in the right direction. 

Eavor's geothermal project is a game-changer for clean electricity and energy. Their unique approach to repurposing inactive oil wells will attract investment from Canadians and help the earth in years to come. 

If you're interested in learning more about sustainable energy innovations from the people actively changing the game in North America's geothermal energy industry, register for the next Global Energy Show today.

Geothermal Energy in Alberta | Repurposing Oil and Gas Assets | Global Energy Show.

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