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June 10-12, 2025
BMO Centre at Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada

Canadian Energy Advocacy and the Global Importance of Canadian Energy - Global Energy Show

Canadian Energy Advocacy: Canada Action’s Promise of Continuous Improvement

There is often a misconception that climate change policies and Canada's reliance on oil markets and fossil fuel production do not go hand in hand. However, Canada's oil and gas sector has made significant strides in reducing environmental impact and is key to reducing the global footprint of countries across the globe.


Canada Action, a Canada-based company, is committed to teaching Canadians the true facts about the oil and gas industry. Through positive conversations and critical thinking-based opinions, they believe Canada can overcome misconceptions around pipelines and fossil fuels.

In our latest 5x5 series interview, Cody Battershill, President of Canada Action, sat down with Rachel Gregory, Digital Host at The Global Energy Show, to discuss how his company advocates for clean energy without compromising the oil and gas industry.

Global Energy Show Series - Canadian Energy Leadership: A Promise of Continuous Improvement

How the Cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline Affects Canadians

Rachel: Cody, this segment is very timely given the talk in the news about the potential cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline. What implications will this have on the federal government in Canada if this goes through?


Cody: Disappointing benefactors of blocking and delaying this project since inception have been other oil producers that export oil to the United States. Those countries do not often have the same or anywhere near close to the same climate, environmental or human rights regulations.


Unfortunately, there are still groups of people out there when we talk about Canadian pipelines, making it a polarized issue without looking at the facts. They're not looking at Canada's record of continual improvement, innovation and development regarding the environment. They don't want to actually acknowledge that blocking this pipeline is not going to do anything to reduce oil demand.

Understanding the True Importance of Oil and Gas for the National Energy Strategy

Rachel: The world needs Canadian energy, but what does that really mean from an impact statement? We know it's jobs in our economy, but it's more than that.


Cody: It's our home heat, transportation system, thousands and thousands of products, everything in our lives. Everything comes from natural resources, playing sports, going on family holidays, medicines, fertilizers. 


It's just important that we understand how the world works. When we do that, we should be champions of countries like Canada that have the most reliable supply, dedication, and commitment to continual improvement, while constantly reducing our footprint. That is the Canadian way. Canada should be a supplier of choice. 

How Cody Battershill Became an Advocate for the Canadian Energy Sector 

Rachel: So how did you become Cody Battershill, oil and gas advocate?


Cody: Going back to 2010, I was in Vancouver. I saw a cosmetics company that had many people protesting to shut down the dirty Canadian oil sands. As a realtor, my job was dependent upon a strong economy. I had numerous clients that were in oil and gas. 


I'm so proud of our oil and gas industry, but I'm also proud of our broader, full-spectrum energy industry, our record on renewables, hydroelectricity, non-emitting power generation, clean technology and all these great things we should really be proud of, and we should really be informed of.

How to Take Advantage of the Great Pipeline Divide and Teach Canadians the Importance of Oil and Gas

Rachel: With social media and your Twitter and all these things and conversations around energy, it's making it easier to bring people together. Yet, perhaps in some ways, it's making it easier to divide us. What can this teach us about supporting Canadian energy and being better to each other online or in-person in our conversations? 


Cody: Well, I think first and foremost, there's this giant void of information that exists about our oil and gas industry. It has been so absolutely important to make sure that people have access to the facts to balance so that our opinions can be based on the truth. 


We need to get away from the polarization, the politicization, the negativity, and the fear that a lot of these anti-pipeline groups are pushing. We need to continue to rally behind that middle road through inclusive, respectful conversation.


There's such a good story to tell with our resources and our energy sector, and we need to all be a part of that solution. 

Canada Action’s Mission to Help Canadians Think Critically When it Comes to Oil and Gas

Rachel: I want to take it back to Canada Action before we end this. What is your mission? 


Cody: Our mission is to build bridges amongst all Canadians, all provinces in all parts of the country to stay nonpartisan, respectful, fact-driven, inclusive, and positive. We want to keep being a provider of balanced, informed facts and conversation. We want to continue to bring people together. 

Learn More About the Balance of Supporting Oil and Gas While Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

Canada Action’s mission to build bridges amongst Canadians through social media and other digital platforms shines a new light on how Canada’s energy processes can continue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while still placing importance on the oil and natural gas industry.



If you're interested in learning more about the importance of Canadian energy from industry leaders actively changing the game in North America, register for the next Global Energy Show today.


Canadian Energy Advocacy and the Global Importance of Canadian Energy - Global Energy Show

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