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Energy Powering Opportunity
June 10-12, 2025
BMO Centre at Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada

The Global Energy Show Canada Awards, now in its 9th year, shines a spotlight on excellence in the energy industry here in Canada and around the world. The Awards recognizes and celebrates leaders, innovators and trail blazers accomplishments in 8 categories over the last 12 months who have been at the forefront in leadership, innovation, sustainable solutions and promoting the healthy advancement of all areas of the energy sector.

The 9th edition of the Global Energy Show Canada Awards took place on June 12, 2024, in Canada’s energy capital Calgary, Canada at the BMO Centre, Stampede Park. Nominees will be celebrated with winners announced in an exciting evening gala filled with entertainment, chef driven multi-course dinner and high-caliber networking at the opening cocktail reception prior to the dinner.

The awards gala evening is open to all energy professionals including exhibition and conference delegates. Individual seats or tables of 10 available (registration required)




Hosted by Joelle Tomlinson

Joelle Tomlinson is an accomplished journalist and emcee, known for her passion, professionalism, and storytelling. With a career spanning over a decade, Joelle has made a significant impact in the field of journalism. She was the anchor of CTV Morning Live Calgary from 2017-2023. During this time she was the only female Black Morning News Anchor in Western Canada, and was awarded the "Emerging Leader" award from the Western Association of Canadian Broadcasting. Joelle is a talented interviewer, and has appeared on Global News, CTV News, WHL TV and The Social. Her ability to connect with people and bring their stories to life is what made her a viewer favourite in Western Canada. Joelle is deeply passionate about mental health and addiction initiatives, after losing her brother to the fentanyl crisis. She is committed to giving underrepresented communities a voice and is a strong believer in representation in every sector.

Why attend the Global Energy Show Canada Awards?

  • Enjoy a chef driven multi-course 5-star dining experience with wine at the table.
  • Give your clients, partners, and suppliers a night to remember in a celebratory atmosphere.
  • Create new business opportunities and strengthen existing relationships with high caliber networking opportunities. 
  • Be inspired by inspirational stories providing leadership and direction necessary to navigate the future of the energy industry.
  • Celebrate the best in the energy industry. 


  • 5:30 pm Cocktail & Networking Reception
  • 7:00 pm Dinner and Entertainment
  • 8:30 pm Awards Ceremony
  • 9:30 pm Event Concludes

What is the dress code?

  • Cocktail attire or business formal

Where is the venue?

  • Percheron Ballroom, Level 3, BMO Centre (New), Stampede Park

2024 Global Energy Show Award Winners:


Collaborative Trendsetter Award

The Collaborative Trendsetter Award is designed to recognize those who understand the value of collaboration. These organizations are collaborating with others outside of their own organization to improve effectiveness (what is done) and efficiency (how it is done). This category is open to applicants across the energy supply chain and must involve two or more organizations outside of your organization. (Note: Collaborating organizations cannot be owned by the same overarching corporation.) 

Winner is:

OptiSeis Solutions Ltd.


The collaborative EcoSeis project has enabled development of high-resolution, subsurface imaging technology that provides accurate data acquisition with substantially lower environmental footprint and GHG emissions, while also enabling safe and efficient field operations.

Aramco Americas


IMPACT is a pioneering endeavor committed to driving the energy transition within the transport sector. The primary goal of IMPACT is to develop and showcase advanced virtual engine and fuel techniques that expedite the development of sustainable transportation technologies.

Disruptive Digital Innovator Award

The Disruptive Digital Innovator Award recognizes novel digital technologies advancing the energy industry. All technologies in this category should be at stages of initial production and rollout, full production mode, or commercial (postpilot stage). This category is open to digital technology concepts that are less than five years old and are considered “game changers” in the energy industry.

Winner is:



PrePad is a cloud-based software implementing an economic optimizer built around the unconventional industry’s only drilling and completions process simulators.



Bolongo’s supply chain platform is a software platform and digital transaction engine that has been designed to enhance strategic sourcing and investment recovery efforts in industrial supply chains - with a focus on environmental sustainability through optimizing the use of existing resources.



Axon4D specializes in fiber optic sensing technology for monitoring asset integrity in large floating roof storage tanks, LNG tanks, and wind turbines. Our patented system provides real-time data mapping to regulatory standards, enabling informed operational decisions and enhanced asset maintenance.

Saudi Aramco/King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Hybrid Laser Box)


Hybrid laser box is a revolutionary development of the world’s first standard multi-mode fiber (MMF)-based hybrid distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) and distributed temperature sensing (DTS) interrogation unit (IU).


Saudi Aramco (SMART)

SMART (Sales Gas Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Tool) is a real-time hydraulic model for the Master Gas System (MGS) that supports evaluating operations/maintenance activities, meeting supply/demand commitment, predicting survival times, and optimizing MGS operations.

Emerging Clean Technologies Award

The Emerging Clean Technologies Award is focused on innovative technologies or processes that improve environmental performance or decrease cost of production in the energy industry through significant energy efficiency improvements, the sustainable use of resources, or environmental protection activities. (Note: Carbon Credits will not be considered). Technologies in this category are in the post pilot, proven category that have positive impact on the environment (TRL 6-7). Clean technologies in this category can include but are not limited to:

  • GHG emission reduction and/or monitoring technologies
  • Gas-to-Power projects
  • Sustainable lithium extraction process for electric vehicle battery manufacturing
  • Hydrogen
  • Carbon capture, utilization and storage or sequestration
  • Soil remediation
  • Water technologies (e.g., monitoring, cleaning, treatment, demineralization, water utilization, energy generation)

Winner is:

Sapphire Technologies


Sapphire manufactures energy recovery systems that convert energy wasted in pressure reduction processes into clean electricity. These systems are already seeing wide adoption by midstream operators and are now being adopted by upstream E&P operators, like CNX Resources, to electrify the wellhead.

Impossible Sensing Energy

FLOW adapts technology used on the Mars Rover to measure oil and gas production in real-time, offering full production visibility and enabling process improvements that allow energy producers to reduce their GHG emissions by up to 10% in conventional operations and up to 90% in oil sands production.

Carbonova Corp.

Carbonova produces Carbon Nanofibers made from Greenhouse Gas conversion. Our customers enjoy a competitive advantage by improving product performance and reducing their CO2 footprint, contributing to an increased margin/market share. Carbonova is now engineering their Commercial Demonstration Unit.


Forefront Energy

Forefront Energy's MRK-HD revolutionizes well-pad power and control, eliminating methane venting from pneumatic controls. Uninterrupted power, precise hydraulic control, optimal for reliability, sustainability, and affordability.


WeldFit LLC

WeldFit’s ReCAP is a depressurization and gas recovery technology eliminates the voluntary gas flaring/venting associated with blowdowns. ReCAP offers opportunities for emission reduction across the gas processing value chain, by eliminating the need to vent or flare product.

Emerging Leader Award

The Emerging Leader Award acknowledges an up-and-coming individual whose efforts have already made a significant contribution to their organization, industry or community that go above and beyond their normal day to day duties. The nominee should stand out in terms of strategic thinking, leadership, community involvement and the pursuit of excellence in their field. The nominees in this category will have been in the energy industry for 10 or less years. Self-nominations are permitted in this category.

Winner is:

Ishrat Oishee, President, Young Energy Infrastructure Professionals (YEIP) and Project Engineer (E.I.T.), TC Energy


Young Energy Infrastructure Professionals is a professional non-profit association for early-career individuals in the infrastructure segment of the Canadian energy industry. YEIP is committed to empowering these young professionals to shape a sustainable future with energy infrastructure.

Ghada Nafie, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, University of Calgary and Co-Founder and CEO, Litus Inc.


Dr. Ghada Nafie excels in research and entrepreneurship, founding Litus Inc after a breakthrough at the University of Calgary. Her company leads in sustainable lithium extraction using advanced nanotechnology.

Wayne Burke, Cofounder and CEO, DNE


DNE gives up to 0.5% of Revenue or 5% of Net Income, whichever is greater to its Social Impact Fund. DNE’s vision is to get to 1% of Revenue or 10% of net income by December 31 2028.

Jeff Messner, President & Co-founder, Novus Earth Energy Operations


The Latitude 53 Project located outside of Hinton, Alberta, focusses on demonstrating our novel closed-loop deep geothermal technology in support of economic development, emissions reduction, and industrial transformation.

Muhammad Arsalan, Petroleum Engineering Consultant, Saudi Aramco


Dr. Arsalan stands at the forefront of technological advancement, spearheading the digital transformation of the upstream business. As the leader of the Advanced Sensing and Focus Area Champion for Multiphase Metering, Intervention & Robotics at Aramco, his vision shapes the future of the industry.

Excellence in Power Generation Award

The Excellence in Power Generation Award acknowledges companies who demonstrate their commitment to producing economically and environmentally sustainable power generation. Organizations in this category may provide solutions like, but not limited to:

  • Big data application
  • Bioenergy for power production
  • Energy storage (including batteries, novel materials, other storage systems)
  • Hydro
  • Industrial automation (IIOT, SCADA, machine learning and cyber security)
  • Low carbon power generation
  • Vertical integration to achieve environmental performance
  • Process controls
  • Small modular nuclear reactors
  • Smart grid technologies and meters
  • Microturbines
  • Solar (PV and thermal)
  • Wind (onshore/offshore)

Winner is:

Natel Energy


Natel FishSafe™ turbine designs combines efficient clean power generation with unmatched fish survival. Natel designs provides a modern and ecologically preferred way to update or build renewable hydroelectric power around the world without detrimental effects to aquatic life or river ecosystems.



The Cat® Hybrid Energy Storage Solution is a custom-designed battery storage system that stores excess power from the job site and then discharges it as needed to reduce fuel costs and emissions while ensuring the availability of reserve power.

Innovation in Technologies: Equipment or Process Controls Award

Winner is: 

Nanoprecise Sci Corp


Nanoprecise Sci Corp is a Canada-based global Predictive Maintenance leader leveraging AI & IIoT to reduce global carbon emissions by 5-10%. Committed to customer satisfaction, precision, and efficiency, the company drives positive change, while delivering unparalleled value to its customers.

DarkVision Technologies


The world’s most advanced downhole intervention and inspection tools get even better. New innovations and capabilities of DarkVision’s HADES tools have been developed to further move the industry forward. DarkVision’s HADES tools are paving the way to an efficient and economic present and future.

Camfil Power Systems


Camfil Power Systems introduced TurboPulse, the newest innovation in pulse filter technology for turbomachinery. Engineered with features that extend life, improve reliability and simplify installation, TurboPulse is positioned to become the recommended pulse filter choice for gas turbines.

Integral MAC

Last year our flame powered EcoTube won this award for its innovation in tank heating systems. Now we have taken the innovation to a new level with the ELECTRIC EcoTube. As more and more well sites have access to line power, oil storage tanks can now be efficiently heated using the Electric EcoTube.


Saudi Aramco

SpiceRack is a game changer seismic seafloor acquisition technology using automation and robotization. It can operate more efficient, safer, reduce CO2 emissions than conventional technologies and produce high resolution subsurface images.

Suzanne West Environmental Excellence Award


Suzanne West, a visionary business leader in the Canadian energy sector, passionately advocated for elevating environmental standards and promoting sustainability within the oil and gas industry. Her profound influence has left an enduring legacy, transforming the landscape of the energy sector and inspiring a paradigm shift towards enhanced environmental performance.

The Suzanne West Environmental Excellence Award serves to recognize any efforts, initiatives or technological advancements that have minimized or eliminated the environmental footprint of the energy industry. This award is specific to environmental technologies/initiatives used in the energy industry. All environmental technologies in this category should be at either: initial production and rollout, full production mode, or commercial.

Winner is:


Bolongo’s services and supply chain technologies have been developed to dramatically reduce industrial waste and save massive amounts of energy in manufacturing new materials. Conservation, innovation, and optimization are the driving forces behind our technology and overall business approach.

Eavor Technologies Inc.


Eavor offers a globally scalable, next-generation geothermal system that can provide clean energy 24/7.   The patented Eavor-Loop™ extracts energy from hot rock via conduction by drilling several kilometers into subsurface rock, then completes a closed-loop system that circulates a working fluid.

Forefront Energy


MRK-HD transforms well site operations, eliminating methane venting, powering pumps, and managing power efficiently with low-displacement hydraulics. Integrated solar power ensures eco-friendly operations, highlighting our commitment to reduce the energy industry's footprint.

GERI (General Energy Recovery Inc.)


Game-changing Direct Contact Steam Generation (DCSG) technology co-injects a single stream of steam (or hot water) and combustion exhaust gases (CO2 and N2) into oil reservoirs, unlocking otherwise un-recoverable oil reserves and retaining a majority of the CO2 emissions underground.

Saudi Aramco

AOWFS is an in-line, low-energy, membrane-less field-scale tool that utilizes acoustic standing waves to separate and remove emulsified oil droplets and suspended solid fines from water to meet environmental standards for safe reutilization in industrial and other operations.

Diversity and Inclusion Award

Inclusive workplaces will shape a diverse energy industry for the future. The Diversity and Inclusion Award has been developed to recognize a company for their contribution in promoting, delivering and embedding inclusion and diversity into their business strategy-creating an equal, diverse and inclusive environment for all in their organization.

Winner is:

Litus Inc.


Leveraging the diverse expertise of our team, Litus introduces LiNC, a pioneering nano-tech solution for lithium extraction. This patented innovation achieves a 50% cost reduction and champions environmental sustainability, embodying our commitment to diversity in driving global energy solutions.


Solas Energy

Solas Energy believes that diversity and inclusion are essential to the ongoing success of the company through improved employee engagement and business performance.

Global Energy Show Canada Awards


Winning a Global Energy Show Canada Award was a humbling and motivating experience for our team, validating our dedication to innovation and sustainability in the energy sector. I highly recommend submitting a nomination for the 2024 event and the opportunity to access such a prestigious platform for recognition, unparalleled networking opportunities, and the chance to inspire and contribute to the industry's advancement. It is an incredible journey worth embarking on.

Kelly Doody

Chief Marketing Officer

Kathairos Solutions


Being nominated and winning the Rising Star Award has been a transformative experience for me. This recognition has not only opened doors to more professional opportunities such as speaking engagements due to increased exposure, but it has also provided me with a valuable platform to advocate for my passions. This achievement is not just a personal milestone; it's an avenue to advocate for a future where inclusivity and sustainability are at the forefront of the global energy landscape.

Jeanette M. Gitobu

Director, Women in Wind Global Leadership Program & Policy Advisor, Africa

Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)


I would encourage others to submit a nomination as a way to proudly talk about our industry and the great achievements that so often go uncelebrated. At Galatea we are unwaveringly proud of our industry and the role we play in providing safe and reliable energy. This award gave us a platform to have these conversations and encourage a new generation to engage in a very valuable mission.

Chad Hayden

Product & Strategy

Galatea Technologies


Solaires Entreprises Inc. was pleased to win the Excellence in Power Generation award in 2023. We would encourage anyone seeking recognition for their innovation to apply for the Global Energy Show Canada Awards for an opportunity to reach a larger audience, make meaningful industry connections, and celebrate your success.

Fabian de la Fuente


Solaires Entreprises Inc.

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