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North America's Leading Energy Event
June 13-15, 2023
BMO Centre at Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada


Global Energy Show Awards

There are rare moments in time when certain individuals or companies shine. They come along unexpectedly and have a profound effect on us; they become a legend in their area of expertise. To some they are controversial, to others they are heroes; but, regardless, no one can deny that they have an ongoing influence within the energy sector. They are the leaders, the innovators and the collaborators who are disrupting the energy industry.

Hosted on June 13, 2023 the Global Energy Show Awards shine a spotlight on excellence in the energy industry. Recognizing leaders, innovators and trail blazers in energy, companies and individuals are recognized for disrupting the industry and promoting healthy advancement of the sector.


  • 6:00 pm - Cocktail & Networking Reception
  • 7:00 pm - Dinner and Entertainment
  • 8:30 pm - Awards Ceremony 
  • 10:00 pm - Awards Conclude

What is included in my ticket/table?

  • Chef driven multi-course dinner
  • Wine at the table
  • An evening of high caliber networking and celebration

What is the dress code?

  • Cocktail attire or business formal

Where is the venue?

  • BMO Centre, Stampede Park

2022 Award Nominees and Winners

Disruptive Digital Innovator Award




Bolongo Supply Chain Platform

Bolongo v.2 is a software platform and digital transaction engine that has been designed to manage and market the energy supply chain - with a focus on environmental sustainability through optimizing the use of existing resources. The platform provides a marketplace for buyers and sellers of oilfield materials to connect, negotiate price and have the transaction facilitated.  Since 2017, our platform has facilitated the utilization of more than 120,000 tons of existing steel-based inventory. Producing this material “new” would have created 216,000+ tonnes of CO2, used 2,550+ GJ of Energy and 7,600,000,000Liters of water. That is the equivalent of the yearly emissions of nearly 49,200 cars, energy to serve nearly 26,400 homes and enough water to serve the daily use of more than 27,120,000 Canadians. The platform provides RFP services for members looking for materials not listed. We also provide procurement and material management support to complement our members’ buying and selling needs. This includes RFP management, analyzing bids quotes and proposals, assessing materials life cycles, evaluating inventory and consolidating documentation, and marketing via the Bolongo platform. • Within a field of hundreds of applications, Bolongo was awarded Alberta Innovates voucher for development of v.2. • Our platform is specific to industries that continuously need to manage supply chain assets and drive cost controls. • It provides the user-friendly functionality of ecommerce to trade excess oilfield materials. • Selling members post their materials on the platform. Buying members browse and bid on the material. • Bidding software offers the mechanism for the most fair and efficient price discovery possible as members negotiate anonymously and effectively. • The platform has proven to save our members time and money. It creates fair-market pricing and decreased lead times, while saving depreciation, storage costs and inventory management resources for our selling members.

Field Safe Solutions

Field Safe Solutions: Digitally Disrupting the Energy Industry to Save Time, Save Money and Save Lives

Field Safe's easy-to-use health and safety platform is disrupting the energy industry by harnessing emerging technologies to improve the at-risk worker's safety and create immense operational efficiencies. Field Safe's market-leading solutions enable The Connected Worker." By digitizing the field, we facilitate the real-time transfer of field data and communication among employees whether at site, working from home, office, or in transit. Ease-of-use increases user adoption and forms completion and submission, which increases the amount of data collected. That data is then shared in real-time across all team members and head office. The improved access to data allows leadership to make data-informed decisions that improve safety, optimize operations and lower costs.



Validere - Product Data Cloud

Validere is the only energy industry SaaS platform for commerce and operations, powered by an AI-enabled universal data layer of hydrocarbon inventory information. By forming a real-time digital fingerprint of the molecule, we help energy companies realize the full value of the physical and allocated ESG attributes of commodities such as methane intensity, water use, and proof of origin. We provide intelligent digital workspaces and expert advice to energy professionals so they can gain real-time visibility into the state of their commodity inventories, develop, and action findings, and predict future scenarios.  As a result, energy companies can now market the full value of product, transact transparently and efficiently, and process and deliver at the best margins.

DarkVision Technologies Inc 

DarkVision HADES, High-Resolution Acoustic Imaging Platform

DarkVision's world leading high-resolution solid-state acoustic imaging and advanced multi-axis robotics technology delivers exceptionally detailed 3D images and measurements of downhole well perforations, connections, causing damage, FCDs, wellheads, wall thickness, and wellbore restrictions at resolutions of 0.01 regardless of fluid clarity or condition. Well operators are overcoming challenging well integrity issues, increasing completions performance, and ultimately saving time and costs. DarkVision’s HADES High-Resolution Acoustic Imaging platform is deployed across all major North American oil basins. Trusted by over 70 operators

EnviroApps Inc.

Digitizing TDG Shipping Documents for Safety, Efficiency and ESG Reporting

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Regulations currently require a physical paper shipping document to follow most dangerous goods while they are in transport. Shipping documents include information on the dangerous goods being transported and give first responders the information they need to respond to incidents when they occur. Unfortunately, paper documents can be lost or destroyed, which can cause delays in emergency response. Solving such a challenge requires multi-industry sector collaboration and regulatory change.  EnviroApps is the first company to offer a paperless solution for Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) shipping documents under Transport Canada's Regulatory Sandbox Project. Our easy-to-use solution automates tracking and reporting of waste and dangerous goods, increasing data accuracy and significantly reducing compliance effort. ez2Track is a cloud-based software Application (App) for field personnel and Environmental/ Regulatory professionals that replaces paper forms and spreadsheets and automatically generates the required reports for Regulatory Compliance, as well as ESG reporting.

Emerging Clean Technologies Award


BioSqueeze Inc.

BioSqueeze®: Eliminating Methane Emissions in Oil & Gas Wells with Natural Biomineralization

Every year oil and gas wells leak millions of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and groundwater. Traditional technologies, such as cement, are ineffective 20-30% of the time due to their inability to completely seal tiny fissures and micro-annuli that leak methane and other gases. BioSqueeze Inc. utilizes natural biomineralization to eliminate annular leaks at their source, forming permanent calcium carbonate minerals similar to limestone throughout leakage pathways. BioSqueeze® has proven to be much more effective and environmentally friendly than traditional technologies, significantly reducing costs and the carbon footprint of oil and gas production, from completion through proper abandonment.



RF XL Enhanced Oil Recovery - Decarbonizing Heavy Oil/Oil Sands Production

Acceleware’s RF XL technology is a radio frequency (RF) based enhanced oil recovery technology (EOR) that could economically decarbonize heavy oil and oil production, providing a very clean and efficient method of producing heavy oil and oil sands.  The commercial scale RF XL pilot is underway and will demonstrate RF XL’s heating capabilities and decarbonization potential, alongside immediate and sustainable economic, environmental, and social benefits. As a low-to-zero Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions technology, (when powered by renewable electricity, nuclear, or other clean power sources), RF XL requires no carbon capture. It uses no freshwater, and as such offers a significant reduction in surface footprint, alongside an estimated 40 percent operating cost and 50 percent capital cost reduction. RF XL also requires no solvents.  The RF XL pilot uses Acceleware’s patented Clean Tech Inverter (CTI), a proprietary power inverter which converts electricity into RF energy, coupled to a proprietary RF XL downhole heating system, forming transmission lines, and radiating elements. The CTI itself is enclosed in an electrical-house (e-house), which can be relocated to different well pads for re-use over an estimated 30-year lifespan.  Two RF XL heating lines are deployed in the pay zone from a single well connected to the CTI at the surface. These heating lines provide RF energy, turning the connate water present in the formation into steam, heating the oil, and causing it to flow into the producer well below. As the water turns to steam it no longer absorbs RF energy, but energy continues to reach further into the formation, heating more water and mobilizing more oil. This novel approach to thermal enhanced oil recovery will allow operators to mobilize heavy oil and oil sands assets with significantly lower cost and lower emissions.


Akine Inc.

Brownfield Power Intensity Reduction Demonstration

Akine brownfield power intensity reduction project demonstrates that GHG emissions and electricity cost per unit of production can be significantly reduced by decreasing both; total power consumption and power demand with the use of an advanced automation solution that includes a modern variable frequency drive and a machine learning augmented controller system. The project was initiated in the fall of 2020 by our partner Burgess Creek Exploration on 24 existing wells in NE Saskatchewan with varying well characteristics. Data shows a reduction of over 50% in total power consumption from the 24 demonstration wells. Specifically, total power consumption was reduced by over 50%, active power consumption was reduced by over 34% and peak power demand was reduced by over 85%. Additionally, fluid production increased by over 12%. We also discovered additional opportunities to further reduce active power consumption by combining high efficiency inverter duty motors and modern variable frequency drives with our Akine Live machine learning control and our 2nd generation VFD control technology currently under development.  The 50% reduction in power intensity directly translates to a decrease in operating costs and GHGs, demonstrating that deployment of Akine technology in brownfield application on conventional and tight oil wells in western Canada has the potential to reduce emissions by at least 8.5M tonnes CO2 annually. We demonstrated increased production and decreased costs for existing wells supporting a strong financial case with a payback horizon of less than one year as often required for brownfield applications.




Co-processing at Parkland Burnaby Refinery

Since 2017, Parkland’s Burnaby Refinery has been processing renewable feedstocks alongside conventional crude oil. This method is called co-processing and it produces renewable gasoline, diesel and jet fuel which produce fewer GHGs than conventional liquid fuel.   Co-processed fuels can be safely used in existing vehicles without modification. To date, we have co-processed canola oil and tallow, and are exploring the use of forest residuals, wastewater biomass and carbon capture liquids as feedstocks. We are proud to be the first refinery in Canada to successfully co-process using existing refinery infrastructure and expertise.


Sapphire Technologies, Inc.

Waste Pressure Energy Recovery with FreeSpin™ In-line Turboexpander

The FreeSpin™ In-line Turboexpander (FIT) reliably generates clean electricity by recovering unused energy in pressure letdown processes.  High-pressure gas flows into the FIT and expands through a turbine wheel, spinning a generator and producing electric power.  Sapphire’s system operates on magnetic bearing technology to provide frictionless, oil-free, and maintenance-free operation.  Each FIT system can produce as much as 300kW of clean power and is compatible with a variety of process temperatures, pressures, and gases including natural gas, nitrogen, air, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen.

Emerging Leader Award


Sara Abdulaziz Alkhalaf, Technology Leader, Novel Oilfield Chemicals, Saudi Aramco

Technology Leader - Novel Oilfield Chemicals

Sara Alkhalaf is a Petroleum Scientist leading initiative to introduce novel chemicals to the oil and gas industry. She leads, directs, and manages cross-functional teams and performs extensive research to develop chemicals and associated workflows to mitigate challenges in the field of drilling and optimize plans for conventional well designs. Sara, a highly respected researcher with a master’s in chemistry from Pittsburgh State University, has seamlessly applied her knowledge in polymer science and materials science to develop advanced solutions, in the area of drilling fluids, and for maintaining wellbore integrity. Her work, characterized by logical reasoning and concluding, has resulted in the development of a comprehensive pathway to create and grow innovative R&D ideas into sustainable commercial/industrial applications in alignment with Saudi Aramco’s ‘Strategy-to-Value’ lifecycle.



Dr. Abdulaziz S. Al-Qasim, Champion of CCUS/EOR, Saudi Aramco

CCUS/EOR Project

Dr. Al-Qasim is a pioneer in upstream innovation, invention, and sustainability. He’s a key member of the 1st CCUS/EOR pilot in the kingdom, a win-win sustainable combination for CO2 sequestration and oil recovery. He’s been named a trailblazer, and the recipient of several prestigious national and international awards and recognitions.



Dr. Gilbert Michaud, Assistant Professor of Environmental Policy, Loyola University Chicago 

Enhancing the Deployment of Solar Energy

Gilbert Michaud, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Policy at the School of Environmental Sustainability at Loyola University Chicago.  Michaud also serves as a Faculty Affiliate at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan, and as a Senior Research Fellow at Global Law Initiatives for Sustainable Development (gLAWcal).  Michaud has published academic papers in journals such as the Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, The Electricity Journal, and Economic Development Quarterly, among other scholarly venues.  He is author or co-author of over 80 technical reports and commentary pieces and has been quoted in several national news media outlets, including NPR, The Associated Press, Forbes, and Bloomberg Law.  He currently serves as the national policy chair for the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) and has also served as a guest editor for a special issue of Solar Energy journal focused on solar policy and economics for climate action.  Previously, Michaud was a faculty member at the George V. Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service at Ohio University.  He holds a PhD in Public Policy and Administration from the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), as well as a certificate in Data Analytics from Cornell University.



Alex Taimuri, CEO, Capstone Industrial Training Solutions

Alex Taimuri: Reshaping the Energy Industry with Capstone Industrial Training Solutions

Alex Taimuri is the CEO and co-founder of Capstone Industrial Training Solutions (ITS) based out of Vancouver, Canada, and Houston, Texas. As an enthusiast and advocate for technology, personal development, and training, Alex’s mission is to create a safer, skilled, and confident LNG industry.  The Capstone ITS team is actively working with LNG facilities, education providers, business leaders, Indigenous leaders, and communities to shape operators, engineers, and the workforce while driving the energy transition to a net-zero future.  Voted one of the Top 10 Most Inspiring CEOs To Watch for By Beyond Exclamation Magazine, Alex leads a creative, innovative, and technical team of 30 people across the globe. Building training programs centered around boosting the confidence and expertise of individuals working in global energy, Alex and his team are committed to safer work practices for everyone. Under his leadership, Capstone ITS has completed LNG training projects in Africa, Canada, Mexico, and the United States, while also entering the petrochemical, carbon capture, and renewables industries.   Prior to starting Capstone Training Industrial Solutions, Alex studied civil engineering. He graduated with an MBA in executive management from Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC.  Using his experience working as an engineer for Kitimat LNG and Woodfibre LNG, Alex remains active in the British Columbian, Canadian, and international LNG communities. He is featured in the Journal of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists Innovation Magazine (BC Aims to Lead Natural Gas Boom, July/August 2014 issue). 



Dr. Jianhui (James) Xu, Senior Materials Engineer, Aramco - HONOURABLE MENTION 

Jianhui (James) Xu

Dr. Jianhui (James) Xu is a principal researcher who have been working on the new material and process development for the oil and gas applications. Among his multiple high-impact achievements, he conducted research on the ultra-high pressure and high temperature process, and developed the world hardest diamond PDC cutter for the drill bit application. This breakthrough brought him a prestigious name in the industry to be awarded by the World Oil Awards for Best Drilling Technology (2021). In his career, he has been awarded with 42 patents and applications, 31 publications, and numerous speeches in the international conferences. Because of his achievements, he was invited to be technical reviewers for many top-rated international journals and a technical committee for an international conference (ICMESM). His capability and achievement make him a true technical leader in the industry.

Innovation in Technologies: Equipment or Process Controls Award

AMETEK Solidstate Controls

Vital Power Control for the Heart of Western Canada's Natural Gas System

Western Canada is blessed with abundance of natural gas resources that keep our homes warm throughout the long freezing winters, supply electrical power generation stations with the essential fuel to supply electricity that power homes and industries. Behind the seamless flow of gas through pipelines, there are those remote, unmanned compressor stations which are the Heart of the gas supply network. AMETEK SOLIDSTATE CONTROLS is a leader in securing the mission critical loads associated with the operation of the turbo-compressor systems, bringing the highest technological advancement in power electronics & control of uninterruptible electrical power supply, to ensure uninterrupted operation, saving critical assets, and most importantly ensure continuity of gas supply to the vital needs.




ehsAI takes any unstructured regulatory document, and, in minutes, turns it into detailed, easy-to-track compliance requirements allowing organizations to analyze data more accurately, comply faster and mitigate risk. Using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural processing language (NPL), the platform extracts the critical information inside compliance documents into a complete and actionable format.  The ehsAI platform is the only patented solution of its kind and is used by the world’s largest corporations and consulting firms. By eliminating the tedious review of regulatory compliance and permits, organizations can save up to 80% of time and money spent on traditional workflows. 


Saudi Aramco 

Ultrastrong and Catalyst-free PDC Cutter Technology

A new breakthrough ultra-high pressure and ultra-high temperature (UHPHT) technology is developed to make world’s first catalyst-free and ultra-strong PDC cutters for the “One-Run-to-Total Depth” game-changing drill bit application. The new diamond cutting material sets a world record as the hardest material and serves as the “indestructible” drill bit cutter. This cutting-edge product will transform drilling bits and result in improving drilling efficiency for very hard, very abrasive, and interbedded formations that creates a very difficult challenge for today’s PDC bits. This game changing PDC cutter technology delivers significant increase in drilling bit performance and durability, which will bring a significant cost savings, reducing number of bits as well as reducing tripping and rig time.


Futuristic Technology Powering World’s Largest Intelligent Oil Field

From the rollout of intelligent machinery to the industrial deployment of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Saudi Aramco - Khurais Producing is undergoing a fundamental transformation that is creating new possibilities. Technologies once confined to the realms of science fiction are now an integral part of Khurais life. For the energy industry, these new technologies can help us achieve breakthroughs in efficiency, safety and reducing CO2 emissions. In discussions about the future, ours is an industry too often portrayed as being a laggard on technology and innovation. The reality is that the energy sector is highly competitive, a fact that constantly drives performance enhancements. We also have an ever-present desire to achieve further sustainability gains. These factors have inspired a new wave of technological development within the oil and gas sector. For example, Khurias is deploying 4IR solutions across its operations, from subsurface exploration to downstream development, to improve efficiency, reduce emissions, enhance reliability, optimize costs and unlock new opportunities. Our Khurais facility, one of 10 projects welcomed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) into its Global Lighthouse Network during 2020, is a prime example. It is the largest intelligent oil field in the world, equipped with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices and digital twin technology, which enables remote operation using real-time 3D Virtual Reality (VR) software. The site harnesses Big Data analytics, machine learning, smart sensors, and a remaining useful life forecasting system. Industrial robotics and UAVs perform inspection functions, improving diagnostic capabilities and efficiency. It is also the first oil field with Advanced Process Control (APC) for smart production rate adjustments, Meanwhile, a pipeline management system provides pipe leak detection and real-time security alerts using 24/7 fiber optic network sensing, contributing to an improvement in safety and environmental performance.

Suzanne West Environmental Excellence Award

EnviroApps Inc.

Digitizing TDG Shipping Documents for Reducing Paper Use

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Regulations currently require a physical paper shipping document to follow most dangerous goods while they are in transport. Shipping documents include information on the dangerous goods being transported and give first responders the information they need to respond to incidents when they occur. Unfortunately, paper documents can be lost or destroyed, which can cause delays in emergency response. Solving such a challenge requires multi-industry sector collaboration and regulatory change. EnviroApps is the first company to offer a paperless solution for Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) shipping documents under Transport Canada's Regulatory Sandbox Project. Our easy-to-use solution automates tracking and reporting of waste and dangerous goods, increasing data accuracy and significantly reducing compliance effort. ez2Track is a cloud-based software Application (App) for field personnel and Environmental/ Regulatory professionals that replaces paper forms and spreadsheets and automatically generates the required reports for Regulatory Compliance, as well as ESG reporting.



Saudi Aramco 

Zero-Flaring Invention to Boost Production from Low-Pressure Oil Wells and Revival of Dead Wells

Flaring in oil and gas production is the controlled burning of unwanted exhaust gases to enhance safety. While gas flaring is indispensable for safety reasons, it has many drawbacks, including negative impacts on the environment (primarily due to incomplete combustion of the gas) and the waste of potentially useful resources. As the leading producer of energy and chemicals, Saudi Aramco spares no effort to explore innovative approaches and technologies to ensure a sufficient supply of energy to the world in an environmentally friendly manner. A special focus is given to greenhouse gas emission and gas flaring minimization, to reduce our carbon footprint and mitigate climate change. Therefore, as part of embracing the circular carbon economy concept, various flare gas recovery systems (FGRSs) have gained prominence and have been implemented at several locations in Saudi Arabia’s fields.  Despite their elegance and effectiveness in recovering the continuously flared gas sources (mainly purge gas), FGRSs are not very effective in recovering high amounts of gasses obtained during reviving dead oil wells and during boosting of low-pressure oil wells. To continue production from reservoirs when their natural energy is insufficient to lift the wellbore fluid to its first processing stage, the gas-oil separation plants (GOSPs), the common practice uses High-Pressure Test Traps (HPTTs), which lead to unavoidable flaring.  Therefore, to unlock the full potential of Saudi Arabia’s resources to supply energy to the globe while reducing carbon intensity, Saudi Aramco has recently invented an innovative, first-of-its-kind approach to eliminate any flaring that would result from oil wells revived at the GOSPs.