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North America's Leading Energy Event
September 21-23, 2021
BMO Centre at Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada


Global Energy Show Awards

The Global Energy Show announces winners of the nine categories of the Global Energy Show Awards. Launched in 2015, the Global Energy Show Awards serve to celebrate the leaders who drive change and shine a spotlight on excellence.

The Global Energy Show Awards recognize and honour accomplishments of companies, individuals, initiatives, projects and technologies on an international scale and promote advancement within the energy industry.

“It is important to not only celebrate the incredible innovation that happens in energy, but the level of commitment and daily action industry takes to achieve the highest level of excellence,” said Damarys Zampini, President & CEO of Sustrategy and member of the Awards Judging Panel.

In April, the Global Energy Show made the difficult decision to postpone the event until 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The annual exhibition and conference hosts more than 53,000 local and international delegates, with over 500 attending the annual Awards Gala.

The 2020 Global Energy Show Awards received an overwhelming response in nine categories from companies, organizations and individuals who are making everlasting impact across the energy landscape. The Awards were judged by a panel of industry experts based on award criteria, merit and outstanding achievement.

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Collaborative Trendsetter

NBC Technologies

First 3-Mile Cardium Well

NBC Technologies was selected as winner of the Collaborative Trendsetter category for their Cardium well drilling technology which allowed them to drill the first 3-mile Cardium well, and because they are an industry-led entity who drive technology development in Canada’s natural gas energy system. 

Key Partners Involved:

NBC Technologies - Drilling Engineering Firm (Bryan Orr, P.Eng, Colin McPhee, P.Eng and Superintendent Richard Lidstone), Tamarack Valley Energy - E&P (Josh Metz, Reg Topham, Kevin Screen, Brian Schmidt), Trican - Cementing (James Ingram), NOV/Reed - Drill Bits (Andrew Halva), Horizon - Drilling Rig (Micheal Jardine), RES – Software (Trent Marx), Tenaris – Tubulars (Kyle Thompson), Secure - Drilling Fluids (Ryan Cadrin, Shaun Rousseau), RES - Drilling data analytics and reporting (Trent Marx), CCAI - Centralizers (Jeremy Young), Impulse – Mud Motor & Agitators (Alex Derry, Troy Lorenson)


Digital Innovator

Akinê Inc.

Akinê Live

Akinê Inc. was selected as winner of the Digital Innovator Award for their Akinê Live cloud platform technology, an innovative use of AI embedded cloud-based software technology that identifies under-performing wells in real time, which serves to optimize well performance. 

Key Partners Involved:

Bearspaw Petroleum Ltd, Gear Energy Ltd, Burgess Creek Exploration Inc., Venturion Oil Ltd., NRC-IRAP, SR&ED, MILA Quebec, Google Cloud Services

Emerging Clean Technologies

Westgen Technologies

Westgen’s EPOD Eliminates Wellsite Pneumatic Device Methane Venting while Decreasing Capital and Operating Costs

Westgen Technologies were awarded the Emerging Clean Technologies Award for EPOD: Engineered Power on Demand. Their innovative solution to enable power generation on remote well sites allow the industry to meet the new methane regulations at a greatly reduced cost. 

Key Partners Involved:

Project Lead: Westgen Technologies Inc

First Adopter: Painted Pony Energy

Emerging Leader

Ogutu Okudo — Changing the Narrative in the Male Dominated Energy & Extractive Sectors in Africa

Country Manager, SpringRock Energy

Founder and CEO, Women in Energy and Extractives Africa

Gender Advisor, Ministry of Petroleum and Mining (Kenya)

Non-Executive Director, Bboxx Kenya

The Emerging Leader Award goes to Ogutu Okudo for being a Focus Area Champion for gender equality in the energy sector, as well as for helping to provide 1 million people in rural communities across Africa and Asia with affordable, sustainable off-grid solutions. This Emerging Leader continues to provide a wealth of experience in delivering the best operational strategies for asset monetization, new market expansion and penetration as well as project management in multiple business domains.

Health & Safety


Leadership in Optical Gas LDAR Imaging Technology

The Health and Safety Award goes to FLIR for their Optical Gas Imaging for LDAR inspection technology, offering many industry-leading advances such as quantification and sensors for permanent installation in critical facilities. 

Key Partners Involved:

AUPRF, Petroleum Technology Association of Canada, Saskatchewan Research Council, Providence Photonics, Intelliview Technologies

Indigenous Excellence


Enbridge's Line 3 Replacement Project

The Indigenous Excellence Award goes to Enbridge for their ecosystem that creates an alignment between three critical groups: their group of companies, their Indigenous partners and their alliance with industry partners.

Key Partners Involved:

Project Leader: Enbridge

Engagement on the project included more than 150 Indigenous communities, Indigenous businesses, primary construction contractors on the project and numerous internal stakeholders, including a dedicated team within Enbridge's Supply Chain Management group.

Innovation in Equipment

Ground Effects Environmental Services

GEE EOX: Chemical-free SAGD wastewater treatment that creates 90% steam-quality water for reuse on site.

Ground Effects Environmental Services Inc. were recipients of theInnovation in Equipment Awardfor their GEE EOX: Chemical-Free SAGD wastewater treatment technology, the world’s first commercial electrocatalytic oxidation process to successfully remove silica from produced wastewater in SAGD without the use of chemicals.

Key Partners Involved:

Ground Effects Environmental Services Inc. (GEE), International Petroleum Company (IPC), University of Calgary (UofC)

Innovation in Process Control

Rocsole Ltd.

Real-time Process Insights Sensor (Iot) and AI Prediction Modelling

Rocsole was chosen by our esteemed judging panel as winner of the Innovation in Process Control Award for their real-time Process Insights Sensor (IOT) and AI Prediction Modeling technology. Their innovative technology uses IOT sensors combined with AI software to support automated, digitized, and unmanned platform operations.

Key Partners Involved:

Rocsole Ltd.

Suzanne West Environmental Excellence



Bluesource Methane

Bluesource Methane Reduction Project

Bluesource Methane were selected by judges as winner of the Suzanne West Environmental Excellence Award for their innovative technology and industry-led funding program which has allowed 26 different producers to adopt this technology in order to meet the new regulations on methane emissions.

Key Partners Involved:

Electrical and Instrumentation Partners: PTW Energy Services Ltd., Techmation Electric and Controls Ltd., Pronghorn Controls Ltd., CDN Controls Ltd., NexSource Power Electric & Controls Inc., and Octane Controls Ltd.

Spartan Controls and CVS Controls for Equipment Support:  Drakken and Lukla support project management in Calgary

Over 26 oil and gas producers have participated in the project.