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North America's Leading Energy Event
June 13-15, 2023
BMO Centre at Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada

Global Energy Show Awards

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The Global Energy Show Awards, now in its 8th year, shines a spotlight on excellence in the energy industry here in Canada and around the world. The Awards recognizes and celebrates leaders, innovators and trail blazers accomplishments over the last 12 months who have been at the forefront in leadership, innovation, sustainable solutions and promoting the healthy advancement of the energy sector.

The 8th edition of the Global Energy Show Awards will take place on June 13, 2023, in Canada’s energy capital Calgary, Alberta where nominees and winners will be celebrated in an exciting evening gala filled with entertainment, chef driven multi-course dinner and high caliber networking.


Hosted by

Cliff Prang
Professional actor, comedian, writer & producer

As a comic, he has shared the stage with Deborah DiGiovanni, SNL's Chris Kattan, and the late great Canadian Legend, Mike MacDonald. Reader's Digest lauds him as one of Canada's 50 Comedians to watch. Cliff's commercials can be seen on pretty much every network. He has played roles on SuperGirl, Supernatural, Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce, the INBETWEEN and most recently ALASKA DAILY alongside 2 time Oscar Winner, Hilary Swank.



  • 6:00 pm Cocktail & Networking Reception

  • 7:00 pm Dinner and Entertainment

  • 8:30 pm Awards Ceremony

  • 10:00 pm Event Concludes

What is included in my ticket/table?

  • Chef driven multi-course dinner
  • Wine at the table
  • An evening of high caliber networking and celebration

What is the dress code?

  • Cocktail attire or business formal

Where is the venue?

  • Hudson- 200 8 Ave SW, 6th Floor, Calgary, Canada

2023 Global Energy Show Awards Nominees Announced:

Collaborative Trendsetter Award
Sponsored by: Konstruct Digital


Bird Construction

Hydro One - Bruce A Integration

The objective of the project was the end-of-life replacement of ten (10) 500 kV Air-Blast Circuit Breakers (ABCBs) with new state-of-the-art gas-insulated switchgear and associated equipment and controls for the Bruce Power site, one of the largest nuclear generating stations in the world.


Carbon Management Canada

Canadian CCUS solutions Hub

CMC provides experience, applied research, knowledge, and infrastructure to accelerate emissions reduction results. Our JIP members receive data and tech assessments to de-risk and validate MMV practices. CarbonNEXT and the Research & Technology Network, advance CCUS ventures.



CETAC Entrepreneur to CEO Workshop

The Entrepreneur to CEO Workshop is an annual retreat for environmental and clean technology innovators. Participants can grow their networks and benefit from the experiences of peers and seasoned entrepreneurs that have built and grown successful businesses around new, innovative products.


EnviroApps Inc.

Digital TDG Shipping Documents for Improved Safety of the Public and Emergency Responders through collaboration

EnviroApps is helping the industry transition to digital shipping documents for transportation of dangerous goods (TDG).  Besides reducing the environmental impact of paper use, we make lives better by improving safety, ensuring compliance, saving costs and making ESG data collection effortless.

Disruptive Digital Innovator Award
Sponsored by: Superior Propane


Akine Inc.

Wellhead Leak Detection with RAVEN Vision

RAVEN Vision delivers autonomous identification and visual detection of wellhead leaks while providing periodic and on-demand access for field staff and engineers to inspect current wellsite conditions facilitating management by exception operations.

Galatea Technologies

Digitalizing Waste Management Workflows

Galatea Technologies teamed up with Torxen Energy, ConocoPhillips Canada and Ovintiv to reinvent the energy industries antiquated waste management model increasing regulatory compliance, transparency and environmental performance.


Metroscope Monitoring & Diagnostic Software

Metroscope Monitoring & Diagnostic software combines a Digital Twin and an inferential engine enabling industrial organizations to monitor efficiency in real time and to automatically identify failures and quantify their impact on performance.


PrePad is a Cloud-based Software

PrePad is a cloud-based software implementing an economic optimizer built around the unconventional industry’s only drilling and completions process simulators.



Validere's Carbon Hub

Validere's Carbon Hub is a measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) SaaS platform for centralizing operational and environmental data to scale carbon removal and abatement strategies.

Emerging Clean Technologies Award

Cvictus Inc.

Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery™ and Geologic Carbon Sequestration in Deep Coal

Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery™ produces hydrogen that is ‘cleaner than green and cheaper than grey’. EHR™ extracts syngas from ultra-deep coal and brine and re-injects associated CO2 back into the same deep seam for permanent geological sequestration, turning coal ‘from a source to a sink’ of CO2.

Kathairos Solutions

Kathairos Solution: Simple, Reliable and Scalable Methane Elimination on Remote Wellsites

Kathairos was born of the idea that reducing emissions is good but eliminating them is even better. By using liquid nitrogen to replace methane gas typically used to power pneumatics, Kathairos provides a means to eliminate methane emissions at remote well sites- efficiently, affordably, and at the scale necessary to address over 450,000 locations across North Americ

ONYM Group

First Dewatered Pyrolysis Industrial Production Plant in Montreal, Quebec Canada

ONYM group implemented the first of its kind industrial production plant that delivers dewatered pyrolysis oil from the processing of urban pruning residual forest biomass.



A Solution for Transforming Natural Gas Wellpads into Zero Methane Emissions Operations

Pneumatic devices emit 11 MMT of methane per year, much at off- and on-grid wellpads.  The US EPA best system for emissions reduction is replacing vented methane with compressed air.  Qnergy’s power generation technology delivers those solutions by converting raw gas into onsite utility grade power.

Sapphire Technologies

Waste Pressure Energy Recovery with FreeSpin™ In-line Turboexpander

Energy recovery systems that harness the power of gas expansion to produce reliable and clean electricity, reducing global carbon footprint.

Emerging Leader Award

Corey Wood, VP Emissions, Regulatory, and Carbon Strategy, Validere

Corey Wood is VP Emissions, Regulatory, and Carbon Strategy at Validere. Based out of the company’s Calgary office, Corey leads a team of subject matter experts and software developers to provide a novel SaaS solution for strategic emissions measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV).

Dr. Ghada Nafie, Assistant Professor and Founder of Litus Inc., University of Calgary

Dr. Ghada Nafie is recognized for her pursuit of excellence in research and entrepreneurism. After leading a major technological break-through at the University of Calgary she demonstrated her talent as an entrepreneur and founded the spin-off company Litus Inc.


Jacqueline Peterson, Director, Policy & Offsets, Kathairos Solutions

Jacqueline Peterson brings over a decade of experience in research design, policy analysis, and data analytics to Kathairos in her role as Director, Policy & Offsets. With a PhD in Public Policy, Jacqueline has an unparalleled understanding of environmental management and climate finance in North America and is committed to working across sectors to develop evidence-based innovative solutions to contemporary climate challenges.



Janice Tran, CEO & Co-Founder, Kanin Energy

Janice provides the leadership and financing strategy for Kanin Energy. Additionally, she provides the ideation, planning, and implementation of new and long-term business strategies.


Jeanette Gitobu, Director, Women in Wind Global Leadership Program & Policy Advisor, Africa, Global Wind Energy Council

Jeanette Mwendwa Gitobu is a Kenyan sustainable energy advocate and globally recognized leader with experience leading national, international, and global multi-stakeholder transformation initiatives on a wide range of economic, energy, climate, gender, and sustainable development related challenges. She is the current Director of the Women in Wind Global Leadership Program, a global network and community of expectational leaders with the influence, vision, and courage to drive tangible and sustainable change in the energy sector with a focus on the emerging wind markets in the Global South. Jeanette also serves as Policy Advisor, Africa at GWEC. Outside of her formal employment, Jeanette is a member of the World Economic Forum Global Shaper Community and the Young African Leaders Initiative run by the United States Department of State, and began by President Barack Obama.

Excellence in Power Generation Award

Capgemini Engineering

DCS and Integration Engineering Upgraded Technology

Upgrading Digital Control Systems on several power generation plants leading to a more reliable more efficient enhanced safer technology to operate multiple power generation plants.

Sapphire Technologies

Waste Pressure Energy Recovery with FreeSpin™ In-line Turboexpander

Energy recovery systems that harness the power of gas expansion to produce reliable and clean electricity, reducing global carbon footprint.

Solaires Entreprises Inc.

Solaires develops the next generation of solar cells for IoT devices. Capture outdoor/indoor light to recharge any device with Solaires’ PEROVSKITE technology.

With a long shelf life and high energy conversion efficiency, SolarInkTM is the first of its kind to promote mass solar. This next solar cell generation encourages new applications to convert light from anywhere into energy. Soon, any battery device will no longer need to connect.

Solartility Group Inc.

Retail 100% Green Virtual Power Plant

Electricity retailer and distributed energy aggregator, creating Canada's first 100% Green VPP.  Energy as a Service platform for both residential and commercial buildings, managing solar systems + storage with proprietary cloud-based Energy Optimizer software.

Sunfire Fuel Cells

Durable Fuel Cell Off-Grid Power, also at 8,000 ft in the Rockies

A Sunfire-Remote fuel cell generator was installed in an alpine environment at 8,000 ft elevation near Calgary, AB for the first time. It is used to power a radio station that is part of critical infrastructure.

Innovation in Technologies: Equipment or Process Controls Award

Bird Construction

Noventa Toronto Hospital WET Project

Noventa Energy, in partnership with Bird Construction, is constructing the world’s largest raw wastewater energy project in Toronto, Ontario. The system collects waste heat from Toronto Western Hospital’s raw water system to provide the Hospital with 90% of their heating and cooling requirements.

Integral MAC

EcoTank and EcoTube

The EcoTank and EcoTube combine to form the most energy-efficient, cost-effective fluid storage system available today. Compared to conventional tank heating systems, the EcoTank can save up to 80% of the energy required to heat the same volume and has huge logistics and safety benefits as well.

Intelligent Wellhead Systems

inVision® Digital Valve Control™ Technology

inVision® Digital Valve Control™ technology reduces the risk and improves the efficiency of hydraulic fracturing, wireline, and pressure control operations.

Kathairos Solutions

Kathairos Solution: Methane Elimination Using Nitrogen on Remote Wellsites

Simple, reliable, and seamlessly scalable methane elimination on remote well sites: Kathairos has pioneered a novel use for liquid nitrogen to eliminate the use of methane in actuating pneumatics at remote oil and gas locations, addressing a longstanding environmental issue and problem area in the energy industry.

Sapphire Technologies

Waste Pressure Energy Recovery with FreeSpin™ In-line Turboexpander

Energy recovery systems that harness the power of gas expansion to produce reliable and clean electricity, reducing global carbon footprint.

Suzanne West Environmental Excellence Award

Bolongo Ltd.

Bolongo Supply Chain Platform

Bolongo’s supply chain platform is a software platform and digital transaction engine that has been designed to enhance strategic sourcing and investment recovery efforts in industrial supply chains - with a focus on environmental sustainability through optimizing the use of existing resources.

EnviroApps Inc.

Digital TDG Shipping Documents

EnviroApps is helping the industry transition to digital shipping documents for transportation of dangerous goods (TDG).  Besides reducing the environmental impact of paper use, we make lives better by improving safety, ensuring compliance, saving costs and making ESG data collection effortless.

Highwood Emissions Management Inc.


There are now more than 200 methane detection and quantification solutions. LDAR-Sim forecasts emissions reductions, economics, and safety for different technologies and deployment strategies to optimize your compliance and data collection needs.

Kathairos Solutions

Kathairos Solution: Eliminating Pneumatic Venting on Remote Wellsites Using Nitrogen

The Kathairos solution uses nitrogen, a non-polluting and dry gas making up 78% of the air we breathe, to actuate pneumatics in remote oil and gas well sites. In doing so, Kathairos eliminates the use of methane as instrument gas, circumventing the need to vent methane during operations.

Saudi Aramco

A Sustainable Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Produced Water Management Solution for Recycling of WasteWater Streams

ZLD produced water management technology desalinates oil field waste produced water by transforming its ionic properties and deliver a high value end-product. The ZLD product water can be injected into the reservoir and used as frac-water in unconventionals to increase oil and gas production.

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