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North America's Leading Energy Event
June 7-9, 2022
BMO Centre at Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada


Hosted by: Cliff Prang, Professional Actor & Comedian

There are rare moments in time when certain individuals or companies shine. They come along unexpectedly and have a profound effect on us; they become a legend in their area of expertise. To some they are controversial, to others they are heroes; but, regardless, no one can deny that they have an ongoing influence within the energy sector. They are the leaders, the innovators and the collaborators who are disrupting the energy industry.

Hosted on June 8, 2022 the Global Energy Show Awards shine a spotlight on excellence in the energy industry. Recognizing leaders, innovators and trail blazers in energy, companies and individuals are recognized for disrupting the industry and promoting healthy advancement of the sector.


  • • October 22, 2021 -  Call for Submissions Opens
  • • February 18, 2022 - Call for Submissions Deadline
  • • April 1, 2022 - Notification of Being Selected as nominee
  • • April 29, 2022 - Nominees Deadline to Purchase Gala Tickets Using Discount Code
  • • June 8, 2022 - Awards Gala


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The Global Energy Show Awards recognize and honour accomplishments of companies, individuals, initiatives, projects and technology on an international scale. To be eligible, submissions must currently have or have recently completed their project/initiative/technology within the past 12 months.

Top Three Reasons to Submit:


Unique opportunity to have your accomplishments recognized
by an industry-led panel.


Raise your company's profile at North America's Leading Energy Event.


Network with forward-thinking individuals recognized in the energy industry.


Collaborative Trendsetter Award

Exergy Solutions/ WINNER 2021

Success Together through Exergy

Key Partners Involved:

Suncor Energy, Precision and VBN Components


The AltaML Applied AI Lab - Redefining Collaboration and Partnership Between Industry and Talent

Key Partners Involved:

The Applied AI Lab launched with 4 premiere Calgary-based companies as partners:  ATB Financial, Spartan Controls, Suncor Energy and TransAlta Corporation.


Aramco Americas

Sustainable Transport Technology Development through Computational Modeling Collaboration

Key Partners Involved:

Aramco, Argonne National Laboratory, and Convergent Science have collaborated on the project.


Crosswind Resources

Oil Sands Tailings Accelerated Dewatering and Oil Stripping Collaboration

Key Partners Involved:

Oil Sands Tailings Companies have requested to remain unnamed. SAIT, Moleaer, Crosswind and SGB collaborated with industry colleagues for guidance and personal opinions.


EnviroApps Inc.

Digitizing TDG Shipping Documents for Safety and Efficiency through Cross Industry Sector Collaboration

Key Partners Involved:

Client: Tourmaline Oil Corporation, Carrier: Trimac Corporation, Solutions Provider: EnviroApps Inc., Stakeholders: Transport Canada, Alberta Transportation, local Emergency Responders

Disruptive Digital Innovator Award



TOKU Systems/ WINNER 2021

Unprecedented Visibility of Remote Assets, Simplified

TOKU’s Industrial IoT (IIoT) system is a game-changing technology that empowers oil and gas producers with simplified remote monitoring solutions that provide critical operational insights for effectively optimizing operations while reducing costs and risks. Our IIoT system simplifies remote monitoring and provides the fastest and easiest path to getting high quality pressure data from remote operations. The end-to-end system takes just minutes to install, anyone can do it, and users can immediately start viewing and analyzing the data through TOKU’s suite of web and mobile apps and/or through their own software and enterprise systems. With high quality pressure data, operators can quickly and clearly visualize the fluid dynamics of their production operations and characterize its inner workings. They can capture and analyze where, when and how critical events occur and gain key insights to empower their operations teams with the information they need to succeed

Bolongo Ltd.

Bolongo Supply Chain Platform V.2

From the energy to marine industry, construction to renewables, Bolongo’s software platform and digital transaction engine has been designed to manage and market industrial supplies and facilitate the evolution of industrial supply chains.

We save our members’ time and money, while reducing environmental impact, by driving down the production of new materials and optimizing the global inventory of existing unutilized industrial assets made from our precious earth’s resources.

Conservation, innovation, and optimization are the driving forces behind Bolongo.

Field Safe Solutions

Digitizing Safety for Field Workers to Save Time, Save Money and Save Lives

Field Safe’s easy-to-use health and safety platform enables “The Connected Worker”. By digitizing the field and connecting workers, we resolve the field data gap and facilitate instant communication and information sharing among employees whether at site, working from home, at the office, or in transit. Ease of use increases user adoption and forms completion and submission which in turn increases the amount of data collected. That data is then shared in real-time across all team members and head office. The improved access to data allows leadership to make data informed decisions that improve safety, optimize operations and lower costs.



The Oilfield Service Company Turned Software Company

IronSight is a software platform that simplifies the way energy companies handle complex logistics. Users can efficiently request, schedule, execute, document, and aggregate data in one collaborative hub. This hub strengthens the link between industrial operations (the demand) and their service providers (the supply) through data-driven dispatching - which can be used to make better decisions and hold service providers accountable. 


Trusted Dispatch Inc.

Digital Platform Changing the Trucking Industry Around the World Forever

Semi-trucks travel inefficiently, with no load on their trailer 35% of the time as they are on a return trip or repositioning. Our Technology streamlines the quotation and booking of trucks by using algorithms to instantly compute the shipping cost, then partners loads up with trucks that are repositioning or returning to home base empty with no load to haul. By partnering loads up with trucks on their empty return trips we create cost saving for the customer, extra revenue for the driver, and increase the overall efficiency of the industry. All our drivers are vetted and pre-qualified eliminating the risk of fraudulent or unqualified.

Emerging Clean Technologies Award


Eavor Technologies/ WINNER 2021

Eavor Innovations as a Disruptive Force in Geothermal Energy

The Eavor-Loop technology from Eavor is an entirely closed-loop geothermal system – no exposure to the surrounding rocks or the surface environment.  Consequently, it does not suffer from any of the classic geothermal systems’ disadvantages – pollution, earthquakes, fracking, and/or water use).  It offers heat for direct uses (home or industrial process heating, greenhouses, and/or manufacturing) or electricity production.  It can be configured for reliable, 24/7 baseload electricity production, or configured to be dispatchable, load-following, and is black-start capable.

Acceleware Ltd.

RF XL Commercial Pilot Test – Electrification of Heavy Oil/Oil Sands Production

RF XL is an all-electric, highly efficient enhanced oil recovery system that completely removes the requirement of fresh water use for steam generation. RF XL can be deployed to develop heavy oil and oil sands projects more economically, sustainably, and quickly than traditional thermal recovery methods like steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD). The technology uses electromagnetic energy to generate heat inside a heavy oil or oil sands reservoir and acts somewhat like an inside out microwave oven. It converts the water already existing in a reservoir to steam, heating the bitumen and allowing it to flow to the producing well. 


Akine Inc.

GHG Emission Intensity Reduction for producing Horizontal Wells: Advanced Artificial Lift Control with Machine Learning

Reduction in energy intensity per barrel for Canadian produced oil is of utmost importance in producing a cleaner, more socially acceptable product. Since GHG emissions are directly associated with energy use, material reduction in energy intensity results in proportional reduction in GHG emissions. Akine technology creates value by reducing the carbon footprint of oil production thus increasing social acceptance of operational activities in today’s carbon constrained world. Power consumption is a leading component of operating cost and a major contributor to GHG emissions for conventional or tight oil wells. Our advanced automation solution includes a modern variable frequency drive and a machine learning augmented controller system that reduces electric cost per unit of production by decreasing both total power consumption and power demand cost. In brown-field conditions, we have achieved above 50% reduction in energy intensity from 24 demonstration wells in SE Saskatchewan based on active metered power consumption as compared to before and after installation of our advanced controllers. We attain similar results in green-field applications with significant reduction in power compared to typical expected power consumption as described in various industry publications. As evidenced by this demonstration project, deployment of Akine technology on conventional and tight oil wells in Western Canada has the potential to reduce emissions by at least 8.5M tonnes CO2e annually.

New leaf Dynamic Technologies Private Limited

Biomass Powered Refrigeration Units

GreenCHILL™ is a standalone 3.5 TR refrigeration unit designed and manufactured to be integrated with any standard industrial grade cold room of 10 MT, 15 MT or 20 MT storage capacity. GreenCHILL™ - an adsorption refrigeration technology-based system is combined with a biomass gasification unit to provide hot water for driving the adsorption cycle having R717 (ammonia) as refrigerant having zero ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential), zero GWP (Global Warming Potential). Biomass used is a carbon neutral and easily available fuel as farm wastage to run GreenCHILL™. Hence, GreenCHILL™ is environmentally friendly on both counts of energy and refrigerant used.


Proton Technologies

Low Cost, Zero Emission Hydrogen Production from Oil Fields

Proton Technologies’ technology produces commercial concentrations of hydrogen from a heavy oil reservoir while demonstrating small scale surface separation of pure hydrogen from the gas stream through a designed filter. The success of the field demonstration has lead to commercialization of Proton’s patented technology and proof that hydrogen can be produced with zero emissions at a fraction of the cost of current industry practices. The low-cost / zero emissions / commercial scale nexus is the key to unlocking the global hydrogen economy. Hydrogen is the most abundant element on earth but is difficult to extract as it does not occur in free form. Thus, current hydrogen production methods are costly, complex and can produce high carbon emissions. Proton’s patented process combines proven technologies from the in-situ gasification industry with hydrogen selectivity techniques from the Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) industry, producing H2 from oil fields by separating H2 from hydrocarbons in the subsurface. The commercial subsurface production of hydrogen from an oil reservoir demonstrates an innovation new to Alberta’s oil and gas industry and does not have an equivalent in the Canadian market. Proton expects this hydrogen process to be the economic engine of western Canada in the coming years. This disruptive technology will place Alberta, and Canada at the forefront of the clean energy transition and facilitate the fossil fuel sector’s major role in the transition to a low carbon economy.



Emerging Leader Award


Kehkashan Basu, Founder & President, Green Hope Foundation / WINNER 2021

Powering Education - Building Back Better through Clean Energy

Kehkashan is the Founder President of the social innovation enterprise Green Hope Foundation, which provides young people in 25 countries a platform of learning and action to engage in the sustainable development process. Her internationally acclaimed work on sustainability has resulted in her being named one of the Top 100 SDG Leaders in the world and one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada. She is the youngest member of Canada’s Women in Renewable Energy forum and the youngest Councillor of World Future Council. She has just been elected to the Board of Trustees of the Parliament of the World's Religions, making her, at 20 years old, its youngest trustee in its 127-year history and is a member of the World Humanitarian Forum's Youth Advisory Council.




Dr. Agnieszka Pawlak, Director, Technical, Carbon Connect International

Agi Pawlak - a Brilliant and Balanced Energy Leader!

Dr. Pawlak is a leader in the field of environmental action, specifically GHG emissions reduction. With a solid background in Mathematics & a Doctorate in Geophysics, Agi spent a short time in the seismic world as a data processor.  Seeking a directional career shift, she re-trained as a Sustainable Energy Development expert.  With such a solid background in data, she has hit the ground running in the field of energy efficiency and decarbonization.  Always looking at processes from a data perspective, but having a very human touch, she has transformed her team into a leading-edge group of specialists that understand the science behind emissions in the energy industry.  Agi's gentle but driving ambition is perfectly positioned to set an example for the next century of the energy industry, a fruitful balance between energy needs and environmental stewardship.



Gregory John, President, Four Peaks Business Development Ltd

Gay Indigenous Man Proud to Be a Canadian Energy Advocate

Gregory John is a proud Metis man born and raised in Southern Alberta who has emerged as a leading voice on Indigenous Economic empowerment in Canada and globally. He has worked as an Indigenous Relations specialist who helps both private and public sector companies understand the history of the energy industry through an Indigenous perspective, to create change from within. He is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, panelist, and invited guest from many companies, conferences, and in November 2019 participated in economic trade mission to Japan as an Indigenous energy advocate. He has also been invited to speak at the World Petroleum Congress in Houston* in December to present his views on how the Canadian Energy industry is transforming itself through Indigenous partnership.

* Greg has declined the invitation to speak as of Sept 5, 2021 due to the State of Texas’ newly enacted law governing women’s bodies and the right to choose.



Rob Wawrzynowski, President, Highwood Group

Rob Wawrzynowski - Natural Leader

As President, Rob's primary focus is innovation and revenue generation.  Hi academic, professional, and life experience has enabled him to build a company that develops automated equipment, with digital and analytic solutions.  At Highwood, they have developed disruptive technologies desirable worldwide.



Dr. Kshama Roy, Lead - Special Projects and Pipeline Integrity, Northern Crescent Inc.

Dr. Kshama Roy is currently working as the Lead - Special Projects & Pipeline Integrity at Northern Crescent Inc (NC). He is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Manitoba and Memorial University of Newfoundland and a Sessional Instructor at the University of Calgary. Apart from being involved in several pipeline projects in Canada and USA, he has authored over 30 papers, presents regularly at conferences, and volunteers as a peer reviewer for technical publications. He initiated and developed NC’s pipeline integrity and R&D section. Being highly focused on technology development projects with immediate industry applications, he is leading a team of talented engineers to develop 8 in-house software. Kshama loves volunteering and helping people. He is currently involved with the Young Pipeliners Association of Canada, Canadian Geotechnical Society, Canadian Dam Association, Dream for better tomorrow foundation, and many others. Through his exceptional leadership and volunteering initiatives, Kshama has leveraged his experience and knowledge to create opportunities for and enhance the development of other young pipeline professionals. Kshama also received more than 30 awards for his academic, leadership, and volunteering services. In addition to the distinction in his Ph.D., he received the ‘Chancellor’s Graduate Award’ and the ‘Fry Family Foundation Graduate Leadership Award’, which are the most prestigious leadership recognition awarded by Memorial University to the student of the graduate class who has demonstrated the greatest leadership contribution to graduate student life and other areas of the community during his or her university years. Kshama was also the recipient of the prestigious ‘Chevron Canada Limited Rising Star Award’. In 2020, he has been awarded the ‘Outstanding Young Pipeline Professional Award’ by the ASME at the IPC 2020 which is given to one young professional who has made a significant contribution to the pipeline industry by addressing challenges related to social, safety, integrity, operational excellence, or engineering issues

Excellence in Power Generation Award

Ensol Systems/ WINNER 2021

Solar, Fuel Cell, and Wind Power Systems - Supporting Digital Transformation & Emissions Reduction in the Energy Sector

For the past 10+ years, Ensol's core focus has been on developing and building fully integrated Solar, Fuel Cell, and Wind Power packages for remote equipment in Canada's energy sector. We have been pioneers and leaders in this field, bringing best in class technology from around the world to solve the remote power challenges here at home. To date we have deployed well over 500 systems, and we estimate that by offsetting combustion based generators, we have reduced emissions by approximately 30,000 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent to the amount of CO2 sequestered by over 35,000 acres of forest for 1 year.

Enerpoly AB

Enerpoly: Rechargeable Zinc-ion Batteries for a Sustainable Future

Enerpoly is a battery technology company innovating in groundbreakingly affordable energy storage, having solved the 60-year-old problem of rechargeability of zinc-manganese dioxide batteries. As our low-cost rechargeable batteries support the viability of a grid powered by renewable sources, Enerpoly is building a future where everyone has access to clean energy. Our technology is affordable, and is made from non-flammable, non-volatile, non-toxic, abundant, available and inexpensive materials that have a well-established recycling infrastructure. Furthermore, our batteries can be fully sourced and developed in Europe, precluding supply chain instability.

HITIN - Scientific Research Organization

Zebra Energy Roads

The main purpose of the development is the installation of pedestrian crossings that will be able to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy generated by the pressure of the mass of cars on the pneumatic system "ZEBRA ENERGY ROADS"



Matadi Water on the Hill (WOTH) Project

Access to clean energy is great challenge facing African cities authorities; blackout is a puzzled question in Kinshasa. The “Matadi Water on the Hill (HOTH) project” wants to build a navigable forced duct that runs the water of the Congo River from Kinshasa to Matadi (366 km) with a capacity of 42,000 m3/s average flow of the Congo River. This project will produce clean hydroelectricity power of 123 million of KWh on an artificial fall of 300 m high, on which is installed an elevator lifting the boats of goods from Matadi to Kinshasa, thanks to this forced duct. This project has capacity to supply power to all African countries and Europe, but it will need to be connected to the inter-africa electric railway projects for African integration economic exchanges.

The WOTH project wants to put the African-European Energy partnership (AEEP) talks in practice for African-European Energy Transition and is supported by REFADD Africa Women network: The effort made now on Inga III, but it does not work. The management will be under Private-Public-Partnership agreement.

Inputs: The WOTH project will produce 123 000 000 KWh or 2 952 000 MW of clean and green hydropower nameplate capacity with 1.9 TW to the grid system, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, with parasitic loading of 33% or 974 160 MW.



Qnergy Free Piston Stirling Engine

Qnergy (q-ner–gy) is the world’s leading clean technology manufacturer of Stirling energy systems, designing and manufacturing the PowerGen stand-alone power generator. We operate in the stationary power sector providing primary and back-up power as well as combined heat and power in the 1-10kW range. Our products provide low-maintenance power solutions that work reliably with a broad range of heat sources. Our generators contain proprietary Free Piston Stirling Engines (FPSE), an external combustion system. These engines are enclosed, frictionless systems that require no lubrication or repair and are capable of delivering tens of thousands of hours of uninterrupted operation.

Innovation in Technologies: Equipment or Process Controls Award

Westgen Technologies/ WINNER 2021

Westgen EPOD-Mini: Unlocking Economic Zero Bleed Pneumatic Instrument Air Retrofits

Westgen’s EPOD-Mini is a cost-effective remote power generation and instrument air system designed specifically for retrofitting of legacy wellsites to eliminate methane emissions. Methane accounts for about 10% of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from human activities and its global warming potential is 72 times higher than CO2 over 20 years. Beyond emissions reductions, the patented EPOD-Mini reduces capital costs, reduces operating costs, improves reliability, and generates carbon credits for oil and gas producers. Since EPOD launched in 2019, over 50 units have been sold to 20 oil and gas producers. EPOD-Mini, launched in February 2021, has the potential for an order of magnitude greater emissions reduction impact.


Advanced Upstream

Limitless Fracturing System

Limitless™ is a revolutionary intelligent frac system developed by Advanced Upstream. The new frac system is an alternative to plug-and-perf which is currently the most commonly used frac technique in North America.  Compared to plug-and-perf, the system has many operational, economic and environmental benefits.

The new frac system includes the proprietary Contactless Sleeve Recognition (CSR) technology and features a compact, intelligent, programmable dart made of a degradable magnesium alloy. The dart is programmed and launched at surface to land in a specific sleeve. Reliable, miniature electronic onboard sensors allow the dart to track its location within wellbore and “activate” the dart before landing on to the target sleeve. The dart dissolves after the fracturing treatment leaving behind a large bore for production.

HQCEC Canada Co. Ltd

CanaPux Project: A Canadian Heavy Crude Solidification and Logistics Innovation

CanaPux: Canadian extra-heavy crude oil is solidified using CN Rail’s technology and then is exported to designated markets. The CanaPux technology can be used as a new, innovative and safe way to transport extra-heavy crude, also known as bitumen in Canada. The extra-heavy crude is blended with polymer to form a solid pellet that can then be transported to global markets using the same infrastructure as coal or petroleum coke. At the end of their journey the pellets can be re-liquified and the polymer can be separated and reused.


Intelligent Wellhead Systems Inc.

Intelligent Completions Using Data Driven Process Control

Intelligent Wellhead Systems Inc. (IWS) deploys software systems and process controls for the completions industry. The inVision System™ introduces intelligent workflows and automation that leads the oilfield completions space into Industry 4.0. The inVision System™ connects services, digitizes and automates workflows while adding engineered controls so that the industries most valued people can make safer, more informed and timely decisions for their critical work.


WhaleShark Downhole Separator

The WhaleSharkTM Packerless Gas and Solids Separator is a newly developed high performance enhanced downhole separator primarily for horizontal wells that offers the greatest possible gas and solids separation capacity but also with low downhole operational risk (no packer or cup seals required). It avoids limitations of poor-boy and packer-style separators and has set a new benchmark in downhole separation performance.

Large Open-Mouth Intake Technology – the separator uses a never been down before upward facing “open-mouth” collector intake that takes advantage of multiphase fluid flow liquid reversals or liquid fallback common with gas and liquid flows. The gas separation region above the collector intake uses a novel oval-shaped and eccentric (i.e., positioned to the side) pump intake tube that is designed to slow fluid velocities down and maximize liquid fallback downward into the collector. This unique engineered design has greatly improved the separation capacity, with an improvement of up to 500% over previous technologies, allowing for sustained continuous and consistent high sucker rod pump fillage under all downhole flow conditions.

Suzanne West Environmental Excellence Award

Katal Energy/ WINNER 2021

Katal Green Fuel

Society owes a deep gratitude to diesel fuel for helping to create and sustain our quality of life. The world ships millions of goods each day using this fuel. Diesel is a very efficient and energy dense fuel, the problem is that it generates a staggering amount of harmful emissions worldwide. KATAL has set out to immediately reduce emissions from diesel-fueled engines without the displacement of existing assets or infrastructure. As the majority of the world focuses on climate change and carbon reduction, local air pollutants are also causing health issues where fuels are being burned. The solution is Katal Green Fuel (KGF) – a low-carbon nano-emulsion fuel that reduces CO2 emissions by 12% and particulate matter and NOx by a minimum of 50%. KATAL offers a low-cost, drop-in fuel that can instantly improve the air quality within the communities where our customers operate.



Bismuth Alloy and Thermite Redefined

BiSN is the leading provider of metal-to-metal downhole sealing solutions in the oil and gas industry. Throughout decades, the industry has relied on conventional bridge plugs, cement, or resins to eliminate unwanted substances (i.e., water, CO2 or sand) and to completely seal off wells. An idea, derived in the early 1930’s, explained how a bismuth-based alloy could be used as a possible sealant. However, the method of melting this alloy downhole could not be implemented. In 2010, Paul Carragher (BiSN, CEO) introduced an innovative process of using thermite as the heater to melt the alloy. Once deployed downhole, the patented thermite “wick” would then ignite, liquefying the alloy and permeating all porous locations, known today as the Wel-lok M2M™ technology. Once the technology has been run, there is a rapid solidification of the eutectic bismuth alloy provides a V0, gas tight and environmentally safe barrier. To date, BiSN has been granted 60+ patents across 22 countries with several applications pending. A complete suite of tools has been created around the innovative base technology and can be applied over various applications.


IntelliView Technologies Inc.

Reducing HSE Impacts while Saving Time and Money with AI-powered Leak Detection Cameras

IntelliView engineers real time leak detection technologies that aim to significantly and cost-effectively improve leak response and operational efficiencies in above ground piping, facilities and offshore structures. IntelliView’s DCAM technology combines thermal and color vision with proprietary and patented AI analytics to provide leak detection in seconds while also providing video evidence to operational personnel. The video evidence along with the leak alarm differentiates this technology from how the industry operates today. This visual data provides confidence of the leak alarm along with location, size and status. Other leak detection methods and technology provide an alarm without sufficient information to make confident operational control decisions or for creating an effective action plan. The video evidence eliminates the requirement of sending personnel to the potentially hazardous location to confirm the leak and identify the best course of action. The same technology can be used to remotely and safely inspect distributed assets 24/7, in any weather. This technology is gaining adoption in midstream compression and pumping, upstream gathering facilities, offshore production platforms and downstream refineries.



Radicle's MAPP Application: Emissions Reduction Software for Oil and Gas

Radicle’s Methane Abatement Project Platform (MAPP) application has simplified the collection of verifiable emissions performance data and evidence from oil and gas facilities. MAPP is designed to collect data with a level of rigor and accuracy that meets or exceeds the strict requirements of regulatory reporting, emissions trading systems, regulations and ESG demands globally. To date the application have been used to quantify emissions from over 18,000 upstream oil and gas facilities in Western Canada.


Saudi Aramco

Novel Adsorbent Polymeric Materials for Oil Removal from Produced Water

New product was developed, by team from Saudi Aramco & King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), for produced water treatment. This product (POG-75) is a novel adsorbent polymeric material that used to separate hydrocarbons from produced water. The team synthesized and tested POG-75 for oil/water separation which showed high adsorption capacity of oil from water. This new adsorbent material has the potential to treat produced water for reuse in several oil and gas field applications in addition to reduce the environmental impact of produced water and avoid disposal. POG-75 structure explained in details in the recent granted patent US 10,882,024 B2 (January 05, 2021).