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North America's Leading Energy Event
June 8 - 10, 2021
Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada

Practical Aspects of Foam-Assisted SAGD

Steam-foam has been used extensively in field trials to improve steam conformance, both for cyclic steam injection and steam flood. It is a proven process and very useful lessons can be drawn from these field trials to plan new projects. However, foam has not yet been used to improve SAGD (Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage) performances. The aim of this paper is to examine the reasons for this situation and discuss the practical aspects of Foam-Assisted SAGD (FA-SAGD).

The presentation provides useful physical considerations on the steam-foam process along with detailed guidelines for the implementation of the Foam-Assisted SAGD process in the field. It will be useful for engineers that are considering foam to improve the performances of SAGD by targeting a reduction of the steam consumption or the Steam Oil Ratio.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Steam foam basics
  • What is foam-assisted SAGD and how does it work
  • Differences between the foams for Cyclic stem injection and steam flow and their implications for the design and implementation of FA-SAGD
  • Key practical aspects and challenges for foam-assisted sagd
  • How FA-SAGD can improve the process by reducing steam consumption or the Steam Oil Ratio

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Eric Delamaide
General Manager
IFP Technologies (Canada) Inc.

Eric Delamaide is currently General Manager of IFP Technologies (Canada) Inc. in Calgary as well as the Manager EOR, Americas for the EOR Alliance. Delamaide is a reservoir engineer with over 25 years of experience who specializes in Enhanced Oil Recovery and heavy oil. He has worked in over 25 countries and been involved in various capacities in over 30 EOR projects including 16 polymer floods. He has published over 50 papers on reservoir engineering and EOR. Delamaide has a BSc. degree in chemical engineering from the School of Mines in Saint Etienne, and an MSc. in Petroleum Engineering from the IFP School, both in France. He is a member of the SPE Distinguished Lecturer Committee, an Associate Editor for the SPE Reservoir Engineering Journal and a Technical Editor for various journals including the SPE Journal and SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering. He has received awards for outstanding services as Technical Editor for SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 as well as one for SPE Journal in 2016. Delamaide has been a member of numerous conference technical committees, including World Heavy Oil Congress, SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, SPE Tulsa IOR, SPE EOR at Oil & Gas Western Asia, SPE Latin America and Caribbean Petroleum Exhibition and Conference , Calgary Heavy oil, Heavy and Extra Heavy Oil, International Petroleum Technical Conference and SPE Middle East Oil Show.