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North America's Leading Energy Event
September 21-23, 2021
BMO Centre at Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada

Technical Committee


Andrea Bernal

AnBound Energy Inc.

Andrea Bernal is a reservoir engineer with extensive experience in reservoir characterization, geological modelling, flow simulation and data analysis. She has worked in companies like Roxar, Computer Modelling Group, Athabasca Oil Corporation, and Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations, holding roles on geomodelling, reservoir engineering and simulation areas. Andrea is currently the owner and president of AnBound Energy Inc., a subsurface consulting company based in Calgary. She and her team of engineers and geoscientists provide subsurface consulting services to clients in Calgary and overseas. Andrea holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Alberta and a Master's degree in reservoir characterization from the University of Calgary. During her career she has had the opportunity of working in a variety of projects not only in Canada, but also internationally in countries like Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia and the Middle East. She has characterized, modelled and simulated clastic and carbonate reservoirs and a variety of EOR processes. Andrea's main professional interest is the integration of the different professional disciplines within a subsurface team, with the goal of optimizing the development of the reservoir asset and maximizing the productivity and collaboration of the multidisciplinary team.