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North America's Leading Energy Event
June 13-15, 2023
BMO Centre at Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada

Meet the Committee - Mark Salkeld

As the GPS Technical Conference Call for Abstracts is in full swing, we caught up with Technical Committee members to discuss previous projects they’ve worked on, why they chose to work in this industry and what they like to do in their off time.

This week, we connected with Mark Salkeld, VP of business development at CLEANTEK Industries.

GPS: What is your specialty? What abstracts will you be reviewing?

MS: I will be reviewing drilling and environmental technology.

GPS: What are some projects that you’ve worked on?

MS: I work on developing internet procurement for our rigs, outfitting our fleet of drilling and service rigs with PC’s on the drilling rigs and laptops for the service rigs. Satellite dishes, etc…Working with head office procurement to develop our own digital PO system and internal electronic catalogue of all the parts and supplies a rig would need access to for purchase. I also teach the tool pushes how to use the computers and the system.

I had to remove all the paper PO books from the rigs….It was a challenging time but in hindsight – for me it was the beginning of the digital revolution that has grown exponentially since those days. It continues to grow today, with Blockchain for one example slowly making its way in to the industry I will be looking forward to the advantages that will bring the sector.

GPS: What trends are you noticing in the global energy landscape?

MS: As per above, the digital revolution trend, with blockchain, smart contracts, machine learning and Augmented Intelligence, it won’t be long until we see semi autonomous drilling rigs, I doubt they will ever be 100% autonomous, but we are well on our way to computers managing some rig operating more efficiently than humans

GPS: What attracted you to working in energy?

MS: The people and the technology, when I started rigs and equipment were pretty fundamental from a mechanical point of view, about the only thing digital on them was magnetic pickups/sensors to send impulses to an electronic tachometer so we could count rotary table revolutions and adjust drilling speed a little easier….now we are drilling deep horizontal and complex wells remotely….the entrepreneurialism, the camaraderie, the constant desire to improve and the many ideas coming together to develop those improvements, that’s what still attracts me to this industry 40 years later

GPS: What do you like to do in your free time?

MS: Reading, walking, riding my bicycle, exercising in general keeps me grounded and I just joined the University of Calgary’s Triathlon Club with the goal of someday running in some kind of triathlon event for old guys.

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