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10 reasons why speaking at an energy conference will elevate your career and will get you a raise

Are you looking for the next break in your career as an oil and gas professional? Maybe you have already thought of speaking at a convention or a conference but haven’t found the perfect opportunity?

If you’re wondering whether this is a good fit for you or what topics you could talk about, brainstorm with your team to think of ideas for interesting topics: is there a project you or your team has worked on that you think others in the industry could learn from? How have you added value to your industry or organization? 

This is your chance to make sure the entire industry is aware of the outstanding work you and your organization does and help supercharge your career growth at the same time.

Here are 10 reasons speaking at a conference is a great investment in your career.    

1. Boost Your Resume

Speaking at a conference looks great on your resume or LinkedIn profile, contributes to your professional development, and gives you an edge when you’re competing for jobs.

Adding conference presentations to your CV is a powerful way to demonstrate that you can synthesize information, present it to others, and that you’re keeping up with best practices in your field. 

2. Build Your Network

Going to a conference is a great networking opportunity, especially as a speaker. Speaking at the conference and being part of the official program takes some of the work out of networking because people seek you out rather than the other way around. If other industry professionals have attended your presentation or read your abstract, they might get in touch with you with follow-up questions, which increases your networking reach.

Maybe your future employer, employee or coworker is part of the conference. You won’t know if you don’t go!

Pro Tip: Bring lots of business cards to exchange with everyone you meet. That way, you can also connect with them on LinkedIn during or after the show.

3. Build Your Personal Brand

Speaking at a conference is an excellent way to position yourself as an expert in your industry. Think about all the promotional material such as press releases, emails, conference website, and programs where your name, your organization, and your abstract will be featured. This type of promotion will raise your name recognition in the industry along with your credibility as an expert in your field.  

Pro Tip: Make sure your social media profiles are updated and polished prior to the conference. You want to make sure that if people in your industry look you up online, they get a good first impression. 

4. Showcase your Expert Knowledge

You can use a conference speaking opportunity to raise your own and your company’s profile by showcasing the important work you do. Adding value to your audience and sharing insights from your experience will make your presentation a memorable experience for your audience, which keeps you and your organization top-of-mind for future projects. 

Pro Tip: It’s tempting to want to leverage the presentation to promote your organization, but hard selling doesn’t sit well with a conference audience. Instead, focus on sharing knowledge and adding value, which makes your presentation more impactful.

5. Raise Awareness

Speaking at a conference can be an incredibly cost-effective marketing opportunity for yourself and your organization. At the conference, there will be opportunities to participate in media interviews, you can promote your presentation on social media, and publish it on your organization’s blog. The time invested in preparing for the presentation will pay off in the publicity you receive.   

Pro Tip: Boost the reach of your presentation by sharing, retweeting, and commenting on any social media posts that mention you, your organization, or your presentation.

6. Hone Your Presentation Skills

A conference presentation is the perfect opportunity to practice public speaking. Perfecting this important skill adds amazing value to your resume and makes you stand out as a professional. 

Pro Tip: If you’re worried about public speaking, you’re not alone! The reality is that there’s only one way to get better at public speaking and that’s practice. Giving a presentation can be a huge confidence boost. After your presentation, evaluate what went well and what didn’t, get feedback from others either in-person or on social media to find ways you can improve future presentations. 

7. Learn Something New 

Get a free ticket to a conference and learn from the best of the best in your industry! Attending a conference as part of your speaking opportunity is a great way to reignite motivation, get new ideas, and learn about the latest trends in your industry.

Pro Tip: During and after the conference, take notes on strategic business opportunities you have discovered and how you can present them in your organization.

8. Build Momentum as a Speaker

This speaking opportunity might be a stepping stone to giving another presentation elsewhere, as you might get invitations to speak at another event. 

The Global Petroleum Show is unique in that you retain the rights to your technical information, so you can present your information elsewhere in the future. As an added bonus, you will also receive early access to submit abstracts to future international events.

9. Support Business Development

Maybe your future client is in the room, or your presentation will be just the thing that convinces a prospect to work with you or your organization. Speaking at a conference is an excellent opportunity to add value to your organization by nurturing leads and increasing brand awareness, as people will be more likely to buy your products or services now that they see you as an expert. Demonstrating this kind of commitment to supporting business development will make you a coveted candidate for promotions and job-offers in your industry.  

10. Impress your Boss 

Good communication skills are essential for managers, so honing and showcasing those skills is a great way of demonstrating how valuable you are to your organization, which can give you a leg-up if you’re negotiating a raise or promotion.

Pro Tip: Before speaking at the conference, think about some measurable goals you can use to demonstrate the value you have created. This might be an estimate of your audience, the social media mentions, or the leads you have generated. 

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to speak at the Global Petroleum Show 2020 and submit your abstract! The deadline for abstract submission is December 13, 2019. 

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