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North America's Leading Energy Event
June 9 - 11, 2020
Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada


Written By: Peter Tanchak, TKP Associates

Let’s face it, the business landscape is always evolving into the unknown.  While some businesses embrace change, others get stuck in their own ways.  What if leading the change can make your company ready to embrace carbon regulation as it becomes more prevalent in today’s operating world?  Learn about how different regulatory frameworks globally are working to reduce our impact on the planet at the 2019 Global Petroleum Show (GPS) Technical Conference.

Unclear about Canada’s Emission and Pollution Regulations?  Come find out more on this exact topic when Amin Sabzevari of Aspen Technology solutions speaks at the 2019 GPS Technical Conference on Thursday June 13th at 1:30pm in Palomino Room G at the BMO Round Up Center.  As Canada moves towards reducing emissions and pollution, regulatory requirements are becoming more stringent.  Increasingly, there are mandatory requirements for planning, reporting and decreasing emissions and pollution.

We’ve all heard of ethically hand-picked coffee or fair-trade products, but what about responsible natural gas?  Leveraging Big Data and Digitization to Differentiate Responsible Natural Gas presented by Jeff Cohen of Xpansiv will shed light on a different consumer model for the typical household or business owner.  Jeff will speak on Wednesday June 12th at 4:00pm in Palomino Room G at the BMO Round Up Center.

Xpansiv is creating complete, encrypted environmental profiles of natural gas so downstream users—including utilities—can purchase select attributes like “low-methane leakage” or “zero fracking” as part of their sustainability-procurement strategies.  These digital profiles, known as Digital FeedstockTM, are being created from primary production data from thousands of wells across North America.  Xpansiv has partnered with S&P Global to index, and CBL Markets to list and transact Digital Feedstock for global energy fuel and commodity buyers around the world.

Come find out how utilizing these transactions, utilities and other gas buyers can claim quantifiable and auditable reductions in their upstream greenhouse gas emissions, creating a true-market model, reducing regulatory exposure, and demonstrating leadership and commitment to a low-carbon future to their customers, investors, and stakeholders.

Lastly, this year’s GPS is stretching the boundaries of the energy sector and is now including alternative energy sources that might be overlooked at first glance.  As the world population steers towards a modern lifestyle, industrial growth is accelerating in lockstep which increases waste production and greenhouse gas emissions.  While these have been proven causes of global climate change, the current waste handling procedures are complex and costly and are not sustainable for the projected increase of waste production.

Today’s technologies to handle waste are either expensive, produce harmful gases or are still in the conceptual phase.  Dr. Ervin Pfeifer of JEMS doo will speak on Thursday June 13th at 11:30am in Palomino Room F at the BMO Round Up Center as to how their solution is dealing with a newly engineered green waste2fuel (W2F) technology that is based on Catalytic Depolymerisation Process (CDP).  The machine (Transformer) has already been proven in practice.  CDP transforms waste-to high-quality synthetic fuel in an economically sustainable way.  The technology mimics natural process of transforming organic waste and plastic to fuel.  It is CO2 neutral-to-negative technology, producing pure synthetic fuel, no other gases than CO2, sludge and distilled water.  The technology is able of transforming 1T of waste to 250-600L of fuel depending on type of the feedstock, with a speed of up to 1000L/h, ranking waste as future renewable energy source.  To make a global impact and a global change, the world will need concepts as such sooner than we would like to admit.

Learn more about emerging technologies and innovation in the sector, and join us at the Global Petroleum Show Technical Conference in Calgary Alberta Canada June 11-13th, 2019.

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