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North America's Leading Energy Event
June 7-9, 2022
BMO Centre at Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada


The Cleantech Zone at the Global Energy Show will feature companies working towards accelerating development and commercialization of technologies and innovations that reduce the environmental impact across the energy sector.

Exhibitors will display a variety of skills and knowledge from the hydrocarbon and technology sectors that are reducing emissions and helping Canada reach global climate targets.

The Cleantech Zone will profile the latest advancements and processes including:
• Resource extraction
• Digital technology
• Reducing emissions
• Water technology

Topics of Discussion
  • • Circular economy and CCUS
    • Energy storage
    • Water management
    • Energy efficiency
    • Emissions reduction
    • Renewable energy generation
    • Prototyping, testing
    • Partnerships and financing


Market Outlook

Canada has announced ambitious climate commitments, including exceeding 2030 emission targets and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. The rate at which the economics can improve for technologies such as zero emission vehicles, low carbon oil sands production processes, and reliable low carbon energy for remote communities is a key factor that will shape Canada’s evolution towards its 2050 goals.

Confirmed Strategic Conference Speakers

Brian Vaasjo

President & CEO

Capital Power

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Carolyn Preston


CKP & Associates

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Deborah Yedlin


University of Calgary

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Graciela Chichilnisky

Co-Founder & CEO

Global Thermostat

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Grant Fagerheim

President & CEO

Whitecap Resources Inc.

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Jim Boucher


Saa Dene Group of Companies

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Kevin Jabusch

President, CEO & Chairman of the Board

Enhance Energy Inc.

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Mike Crabtree

President & CEO

Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC)

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Confirmed Technical Conference Speakers

Andrea Savoca

Service Engineer, North America


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Gord Crawford

VP, Engineering

Expander Energy Inc.

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Gray Alton

VP, Project Development

Terrapin Geothermics

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Thomas Fox

President & Director of Innovation

Highwood Emissions Management

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Global Energy Show 5x5 Series

Zac Trolley, Co-Founder of Lunar Water Supply Company discusses diversifying Alberta's economy by utilizing the expertise of Alberta's oil and gas industry to extract resources from the moon.

Dan Balaban, President, CEO & Co-Founder of Greengate Power discusses why Alberta is the right fit for renewable energy projects, how Greengate is working to drive investment into Canada and the needless polarization in the energy industry.

Jim Gibson, Chief Catalyst, School for Advanced Digital Technology, SAIT discusses digital transformation, the critical steps energy companies need to take to set up for success, and how the digital transformation helps add value in day-to-day operations.

Kate Chisholm, Q.C., Senior Vice President, Planning, Stakeholder Relations and Chief Sustainability Officer at Capital Power discusses the goal of going net carbon neutral by 2050, attracting investment from ESG investors and how supporting diversity, inclusion and equity helps Capital Power succeed.

Rhona DelFrari, Chief Sustainability Officer & Senior Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement at Cenovus discusses moving through the energy transition, Cenovus' net-zero emissions ambition by 2050 and how sustainability decisions are imbedded in the company's decision making.

Rosa Rivero, Principal, Responsibility Matters Inc. discusses the top 5 trends of ESG reporting, and how ESG reports have changed with investors in mind.

Clinton Desveaux, Director of Business Development & Marketing at SEVAEN Workwear and Accredited Writer on Disruption & Innovation Issues discusses a national mining strategy for Canada, energy transition and innovation in electric vehicles.

Why Exhibit in the Cleantech Zone?


Deliver a high-quality presentation to increase your business exposure and generate genuine interest in your products.


Increase the value of your brand and consumer trust by positioning your company as a leading expert in the industry.


Stand out from competitors and increase your company profile across the exhibition floor.


Meet 53,000+ prospects, investors and business partners from across the energy landscape.