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Global Energy Podcast

ENGAGE by the Global Energy Show 

With energy, we live in a world challenged to both meet growing demand while transitioning to a low carbon future. In this reality, the term 'energy transition' can feel like a paradox. Join Alexandria Shrake, award-winning geophysicist-turned-tech-consultant and co-founder of ENERGYminute, as she interviews scientists, policymakers, business leaders and educators and pulls back the curtain on what energy transition in practice looks like. If you are interested in the future of energy and want to hear perspectives on challenging, and often polarizing topics, this is the podcast for you.

Episode 07: Energy and Politics - Making Decisions on a Provincial and Federal Level

In this episode host Alexandria Shrake interviews Hon. Jean Charest, Partner, McCarthy Tétrault LLP, former Premier of Québec (2003-2012), and Member of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada.

Alexandria and Hon. Jean Charest discuss political life, energy development, national pipeline projects and the future of work in Canada.

As Deputy Prime Minister of Canada and Premier of Québec, Jean Charest is one of Canada’s best known political figures.

He was notably the initiator of the negotiation for the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA). Furthermore, the Charest government initiated an unprecedented labour mobility agreement between France and Québec.

As Minister of the Environment, he led his country’s delegation at the 1992 Earth Summit on the economy and the environment in Rio and  was praised for his leadership role among G7 countries on climate change and biodiversity.

The Charest government has been a world leader on the environment and climate change, and best known for a major initiative for the sustainable development of Northern Québec called “Plan Nord”.

Under his leadership, Québec experienced a sustained period of economic prosperity with stronger economic growth from 2008 to 2012 than the US, Europe, Canada and Ontario, despite a global financial and economic crisis.

Episode 06: Clean, Reliable and Affordable: Closed-Loop Geothermal Energy and Why It's a Simple Solution

In this episode host Alexandria Shrake interviews Chris Cheng, Senior Development Engineer, Eavor Technologies.

Alexandria and Chris discuss Eavor's growth trajectory, the mental game behind a clean-tech start up, and guidance for those who want to work in this space.

Christopher Cheng is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering with a Petroleum Engineering minor from the University of Calgary (2009). Mr. Cheng is a professional engineer with 10+ years of experience in the upstream oil and gas sector working in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin with his last 5 years specializing in new technology development. While working on the Heavy Oil Technology team at Devon Canada, Mr. Cheng led a multi-disciplinary team from conception to execution of an Experimental Scheme to test conductive heating of a heavy oil reservoir in Northeast Alberta.
In 2012, Mr. Cheng co-founded Holiday Rejects Apparel Inc., and appeared on Canadian reality TV show Dragons' Den where he and his partners pitched and executed a deal with three investors. In 2018, Mr. Cheng's most recent venture, Full Circle Energy, was amalgamated with Canuc Resources Corporation (TSX-V: CDA), where he is currently a member of the board as an independent director.

Episode 05: Energy Initiatives, Net Zero Ambitions and Beyond - How the FNPA Connects Industry and Indigenous Communities

In this episode host Alexandria Shrake interviews Guy Lonechild, President and CEO of First Nations Power Authority.

Alexandria and Guy discuss Indigenous economic independence, low-emitting opportunities in partnership with Indigenous Communities and how it all fits together.

Mr. Lonechild (White Bear First Nations- Treaty #4) is a well-known advocate in creating new economic opportunities and serves as President and CEO of First Nations Power Authority connecting both Indigenous and Industry leaders in renewable and alternative energy development.  As a first of its kind organization, Mr. Lonechild heads the organization as our strategic leader and serves the FNPA Board and provides leadership direction to the FNPA Team.

Guy served as Vice-Chief and Chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (1999-2008 and 2009-2011), where he oversaw the 25-year Economic Development Strategy highlighting important work in Alternative Energy, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Tourism, Gaming, Housing and Community Infrastructure, Education, Health and Social Development.

Before entering politics, Guy served in various capacities as band administrator and private consultant to First Nations in Business and Community Development.  He holds a Masters of Business Administration in Strategic Leadership from Cape Breton University and Associates Degree in Golf Complex Operations Management. He and his wife Leah have one child, Darian Lonechild and enjoy quality time with friends and extended family.

Episode 04: It’s Complicated - Net Zero Ambitions & the Future of Oil and Gas in Canada

In this episode host Alexandria Shrake interviews Peter Tertzakian, Deputy Director, ARC Energy Research Institute.

Peter is clear that energy transition is muddy and complex, but technology won’t be the biggest challenge to Canada’s net zero goals, something else will be.

We answer the question ‘is oil and gas going anywhere?’ and reflect on historical disruption compared to today. Are we seeing the signs that this really is the next big opportunity for prosperity?

Peter Tertzakian is Deputy Director of ARC Energy Research Institute. He is an economist, investment strategist, author, podcaster and dynamic public speaker. Using entertaining stories, Peter has a unique ability to distil, clarify and communicate complicated issues surrounding energy, economy and the environment. His presentations inspire, guide and spark discussion.

A respected industry leader, Peter is frequently called on to share his knowledge of strategic business issues with investors, corporate leaders, policy makers and educators.

His Energyphile project, including his latest book, The Investor Visit and Other Stories: Disruption, Denial and Transition in the Energy Business, embodies his unique approach to analysing the biggest challenges facing society today. Peter’s earlier books — A Thousand Barrels a Second and The End of Energy Obesity — were both bestsellers.

Peter has more than 30 years of experience in the business of energy, spanning all systems, from oil and gas to renewables. His holistic knowledge of finance, physics, innovation and economics forms a foundation for his unvarnished, balanced and thought-provoking presentations on how audiences should think about sustainable energy solutions.

A graduate of MIT’s Sloan School of Management, Peter is an adjunct professor at the University of Calgary and an Executive-in-Residence at the Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre. His daily responsibilities are as Deputy Director of ARC Energy Research Institute. He was recently appointed to the 14-member Net-Zero Advisory Body. An independent group from across the country, who will provide the Government of Canada with advice on the best pathways to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

Episode 03: The massive potential for SMR technology & what heavy industry needs to understand about nuclear

In this episode host Alexandria Shrake interviews Canon Bryan, CFO, Terrestrial Energy

Canon is working to change the narrative around the nuclear industry from 'boogeyman' to 'climate hero'. With advanced technology driving its resurgence, SMRs have the potential to be climate game-changers and Canon predicts that in 20-30 years SMRs will be in every country, every industrial facility, every recycling plant and every off-grid data centre. Terrestrial's integral molten salt reactor technology has the potential to decarbonize oil and gas emissions and produce synthetic fuels, ensuring the long-term viability of the fossil fuel industry. Alberta, and other oil and gas producing regions, have an incredible opportunity to embrace this technology and become leaders in a multi-trillion dollar a year business. His vision is that no less than 50% total global energy will be nuclear, thereby helping to alleviate energy poverty and meeting 2050 net zero goals. 

Canon Bryan is the CFO of Terrestrial Energy Inc. A financial professional with over 25 years of experience in various aspects of the finance industry, Mr. Bryan has experience as a buy-side analyst, entrepreneur and financial executive. He co-founded and has been involved with the listing of two successful companies onto public stock exchanges in North America since 2004. He has contracted with many public and private companies, performing a wide variety of finance-related functions, including public company financial reporting, management reporting, full-cycle accounting, financial planning and analysis, economic modeling, corporate development strategies, technical writing, project management, and others. He has had exposure to the following industries: energy, natural resources, biotechnology, real estate development and others.

Mr. Bryan was a founding shareholder in the following companies: Terrestrial Energy, since 2012, where he serves as chief financial officer, is developing advanced commercial power plants. NioCorp Developments (NB: TSXV) in October 2009. NioCorp is developing the largest niobium deposit in North America. Uranium Energy Corp (UEC: NYSE) in August 2004, where he served as VP Corporate Development until October 2007. UEC is a producer and developer of ISR uranium in the USA. Mr. Bryan was a senior financial analyst for Lasik Vision Corporation (LSK: CDNX), which was the world’s largest provider of laser refractive surgical services. He has also served as chief financial officer, and on boards of directors, for private and public companies in Canada and the USA. Mr. Bryan completed his professional studies in accounting with the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada; he is not designated.

Episode 02: Keystone XL, How Western Canadian Oil & Gas Can Gain More Support, And Psychological Effects of Changing Consumption

In this episode host Alexandria Shrake interviews Pierre-Olivier Pineau, Professor, Chair in Energy Sector Management, Department of Decision Sciences, HEC Montréal. Pierre shares his opinion on how the Keystone XL cancellation won’t affect American oil consumption, how Western Canadian oil & gas companies can garner more support from the rest of Canada, and the need for oil & gas techniques and skills in the future. Hear about the need for energy efficiency in heavy industry, transportation and buildings, the psychological affects of changing our consumption habits and the huge prize that’s driving this change.

Pierre-Oliver Pineau (PhD, HEC Montréal, 2000) is an energy policy and management specialist, with a focus on electricity reforms. He has published many papers on the energy sector, most of them exploring the links between energy and some aspects of sustainable development. He participates regularly in the public debate on energy and has authored many reports for the government and other public organizations.

He is a researcher and Fellow at the Center for Interuniversity Research and Analysis of Organizations (CIRANO). Before joining HEC Montreal, he was an associate professor at the School of Public Administration, University of Victoria (2001-2006).

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Episode 01: Lithium Clean Tech, Cost-Saving Sustainability & Exporting Canadian Knowledge

In this episode host Alexandria Shrake interviews Amanda Hall, Co-Founder, CEO/CTO of clean tech startup Summit Nanotech on how her company is innovating the lithium extraction industry in Chile, how sustainability and cost reduction can go hand-in-hand, how she is exporting Canadian resource extraction knowledge globally and insights into building a corporate culture destined for success.

Amanda Hall is a professional geophysicist with 11 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, four years in the mining industry and four years as a laboratory scientist. Amanda graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Biology and with minors in Physics and English. After moving west, she attended University of Calgary to obtain a second Bachelor of Science degree in Geophysics, while raising her three young daughters. Amanda is passionate about growing a humancentric company, employing innovative, resourceful people who feel responsible for rapidly creating the change that is needed in our industrial landscape using wisdom, technology and adaptive solutions.

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ENGAGE by the Global Energy Show with Alexandria Shrake

We're so excited to invite you to our new podcast Engage, kicking off this March. 

Every two weeks we chat with experts on energy on everything from oil and gas to alternative energy, and science to policy. We’ll pull back the curtain on what’s happening in the industry today and debate its future.

If you are interested in the future of energy and want to hear perspectives on challenging, and often polarizing topics, this is the podcast for you.