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North America's Leading Energy Event
June 9 - 11, 2020
Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada

Global Energy XTL Summit

Resource Play to Value Play

For the first time at Global Energy Show, the Global Energy XTL Summit brings together key stakeholders involved in all conversions, from low-value feedstock to high-value products. XTL defines any suitable feedstock (X) to Liquids. This spectrum includes bio-energy sources through to natural gas. In response to the substantial increase in global demand for lower-carbon, environmentally friendly energy products — the Global Energy XTL Summit aims to provide clear value-adding solutions and pathways.

The 3-day program will provide expert views on the strategic drivers, energy landscapes, and development. It will include specialist led technical and operations sessions and workshops to position global XTL opportunities.

The objective of the Global Energy XTL Summit is to answer questions about which technologies to use, what markets to target, development challenges to look out for, operational optimization opportunities, pathways to project financing, and the developments that have taken place, enabling viable businesses the option to add value with a lower carbon footprint.

The Global XTL Summit will feature global players for all key XTL technologies, development partners in engineering, EPCs, suppliers, business partners, operations, maintenance and support services. Speakers for this program will include specialists on risk management, insurance, tax incentives, commodity traders, CO2 options, California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) Credits, and Financiers.

The technologies to be presented include bio-refineries (BTL), gas to liquids (GTL), coal to liquids (CTL), and other conversions to high-value products.

Workshops will be facilitated to discuss the financing and development of XTL ventures, and key parameters for economic sustainability and the roadblocks currently impacting the energy supply chain will be covered.

The Global Energy XTL Summit will be hosted as part of the Global Energy Show and participants will join the initial keynote sessions, with dedicated XTL sessions will follow.