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North America's Leading Energy Event
June 13-15, 2023
BMO Centre at Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada


2023 Global Energy Strategic Conference

Welcome to Global Energy Show 2023. The global energy landscape is changing rapidly, and we are excited to share collective experiences, inspire change and form new connections to address the greatest challenge of our generation, meeting the demand for energy while lowering our carbon emissions.

Our theme, ‘Change through Action’ will address how we will supply energy to the world, using a clean approach for our planet. There is a clear need to transform our energy systems to be more sustainable, but there is no consensus on timelines for our net zero goals. The conference will elevate the conversation around integrated energy systems while informing policy and trillion-dollar investment decisions that require a new way of thinking and reshaping of a diverse and integrated energy sector.

Throw into the mix the challenge of energy security, military conflict in Europe, the volatility of global markets, and the aftereffects of the pandemic, we need the brightest minds and united voices to overcome these challenges, reshape our strategies and accelerate innovation. Together with an unwavering commitment to diversity & inclusion that includes women in energy, young energy professionals, and indigenous collaboration, we look forward to a timely gathering that will continue to change our world for the better.

We will welcome over 300 speakers and more that 1000 delegates from 50 countries. 

The Global Energy Show Strategic Conference delivers a timely agenda to address global energy pillars:

  1. Energy Security & Geopolitics
  2. Diversity and Inclusion
  3. Energy Transition: From Strategy to Reality
  4. Investment
  5. Accelerating Energy Innovation