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North America's Leading Energy Event
June 13-15, 2023
BMO Centre at Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada

2023 Global Energy Strategic Conference

Welcome to Global Energy Show 2023. The global energy landscape is changing rapidly, and we are excited to share collective experiences, inspire change and form new connections to address the greatest challenge of our generation, meeting the demand for energy while lowering our carbon emissions.

Energy markets as we know it are being redefined by significant geopolitical shifts and energy security that has a major impact on global economic growth. Amid the unrest, there is a laser focus on ESG, and decarbonization as well as the affordability and economics of energy systems transformation. Global energy leaders have prioritized a long-term commitment to sustainability and low-carbon strategies, and new technologies, investments and government roadmaps are accelerating change to meet our net zero goals.

Traditional energy companies have an opportunity to rebuild and secure their long-term future through reinvention, while new disruptors are challenging the norms by producing energy and technologies with nature-based solutions. Diverse and engaged leadership is required to manage through the fast-evolving energy landscape, and to attract a mission driven and agile labour force.

This year’s conference is a pivotal purpose-based meeting of the global energy ecosystem that is shouldering the huge challenge of balancing our climate targets while supplying clean, and responsibly produced affordable energy to those who need it. The conference presents a unique opportunity to showcase practical and groundbreaking answers to the most pressing questions of our generation, including how we finally focus on the customer through the energy transition, our domestic and international energy relationships and how we navigate through political and market uncertainty.

We will welcome over 300 speakers and more than 1000 delegates from 50 countries

Top 3 Strategic Conference Panels
Balancing the International Scales: Are Unsettling Geopolitical Situations Threaten the Energy Transition?
  • Exploring the development of fundamental drivers for the global energy system
  • What is the outlook and global demand for hydrogen, sustainable fuels, natural gas, oil, and coal, as well as a view on the role of CCUS?
    How can we ensure clean, accessible, and affordable energy for all?
  • How might the invasion of Ukraine influence the direction and speed of the transition?
    What is the outlook on energy investments over the next 12 months?

Attendee insights:

This session is for attendees to uncover the trends around supply and demand economics, with a particular focus on micro and macro-economic factors and how traditional energy companies and becoming more agile to the rapid need to evolve their business model and invest in new energy systems to achieve government targets.

Nuclear, The Myth, The Legend
  • Recognizing nuclear as clean, low-carbon, safe and sustainable alongside other low-carbon, clean and sustainable energy technologies
  • Ensuring equal access to climate financing for all low-carbon energy sources, including nuclear
  • Maximizing the generating potential of existing nuclear reactors and building replacements for retiring reactors to ensure that the world does not lose clean power capacity
  • Supporting countries that wish to deploy nuclear energy responsibly, as well as expanding their own nuclear capacity

Attendee Insights:

Attendees will explore how nuclear is an essential part of the energy mix if we are to reach our net zero goals and is one of the most effective low-carbon generation sources currently available.

The Great Carbon Capture Debate – A Real Solution or Another Way to Extend the Use of Fossil Fuels?

Is CCUS safe and economically viable?

  • What does an investible CCUS business case look like?
  • Searching for and highlighting the opportunity for climate-conscious investors?
  • A closer look at global CCUS projects including the Alberta Carbon Trunk Line (ACTL) system, the world’s newest integrated, large-scale carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) system

Attendee Insights:

Attendees will understand the CCUS opportunity, in terms of economics and our climate change goals. They will also get information on how CCUS will contribute to the creation of clean energy jobs, expand our export potential, enable other essential pathways, such as electrification and hydrogen as well as remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere.

The Global Energy Show Strategic Conference delivers a timely agenda to address global energy pillars:
  1. Global energy markets and long-term geopolitical impacts

    With no end in sight to the war in Europe as well as the lasting impacts of COVID-19 and countries diverse and uncertain energy policies, the future impact on global energy markets. The divided landscape has forged new energy trading relationships and countries are pinning their hopes on policymakers approving new project infrastructure as a key pillar of addressing energy security, whilst ensuring commitments to decarbonization and meeting climate targets.

  2. A disruptive industry in a cycle of reinvention and transition

    Our path to net zero is expensive and complex which requires a collective global effort. Hydrogen and CCUS are emerging major pillars of our low-carbon solution alongside more traditional sources of renewable energy; solar, geothermal and wind. Heavy emitters are building long-term sustainable strategies and investing in new, and in some cases yet to be proven technologies to help reduce methane and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

  3. A new generation of leaders and a future diverse workforce

    A diverse and engaged workforce is key to connecting the consumer with the energy sector and gives the next generation a reason to be part of an impactful and purpose driven industry. Jobs of the future and the leaders of tomorrow are a big part of the energy transition and highlighting how we work with a generation forward call for action.

  4. The new energy investment landscape

    Investors are at a crossroads and opportunities against a backdrop of immediate uncertainties over U.S. long-term energy policy. The increase in revenue for traditional energy producers due to high fuel prices is being balanced with the cost of the energy transition, but for how long will this continue? Countries and their consumers are expecting investments to be aligned with authentic efforts to reach net zero targets while meeting day-to-day necessities at an accessible and affordable price.

  5. New transformative tech to decarbonize the energy sector

    Technology (AI, Big Data etc.) is disrupting traditional energy at an alarming pace. The innovation agenda must be embraced to ensure we continue to deliver breakthroughs to hit our climate targets and for operational growth to secure and safeguard revenues. This all is necessitated by having secure or more predictable policies in place, pipelines of next generation talent and the right vision and leadership to continue to disrupt like no other sector

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