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North America's Leading Energy Event
June 13-15, 2023
BMO Centre at Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada

ATS Electro-Lube International Inc.

1761 Booth Number Hall E

7388 Wilson Avenue
Delta, British Columbia, V4G 1H3

ATS Electro-Lube’s entire line of automatic lubricators is designed to help your business increase it’s productivity, lower costs of repair/maintenance and reduce risk to employees. ATS is the market leader for quality, reliability, lubrication pressures and versatility. All of which are vitally important in lubrication maintenance.

With more than 35 years leading the automatic lubrication industry, we know what it means to adapt to the needs of the customer. We always strive to monitor the market, foresee needs and innovate solutions.

At ATS we are dedicated to producing high quality products. Our facility is located in Vancouver, Canada and we manufacture almost everything in house. We are extremely proud of our LESS THAN 0.001% return rate on our ELECTRO luber series.

ATS offers a wide range of advantages, no matter which industry you’re in...

- Install our units in seconds, and be maintenance free for up to 2 years.
- Ensure effective lubrication of the exact quantity needed and the correct time -eliminating over or under lubrication.
- Improve the safety of your employees by offering a variety of solutions to your team, including remote mounting and control.
- Slash costs of man-hours by effectively lubricating your machinery, act as a smart unit to tell your computer when lubricant is running low, and be easily refillable.
- Drastically reduce the cost of lubrication by offering powerful units that can support multi-point lubrication.
- Extend the life of your machinery by maintaining integrity of bearings and machinery.
- Prevent ingress of contaminants by keeping positive pressure on the lube points.
- Proven to significantly reduce repair costs, increase up-time of machines and the efficiency of maintenance staff.
- Be a "greener" option by using less lubricant than manual applications.


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