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North America's Leading Energy Event
June 9 - 11, 2020
Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada

Message from our VP

Over its proud 54-year history, GPS has served to unite the industry, bringing buyers and sellers, stakeholders and partners, CEOs and young professionals together to share knowledge and fuel innovation that showcases the Canadian oil and gas industry on a global stage. More recently, despite persistent headwinds in the Canadian energy sector, GPS has worked hard to continuously increase global attendance with representatives from more than 110 countries looking to do business on the show floor. In 2019, the most recognized events publication ‘Bizbash’ named GPS the largest and most important business-to-business tradeshow in Canada.

As our team looks forward to planning for 2020, the most defining theme we face in shaping the event is the rapid and continuous change in the global energy landscape. Disruption, transformation and innovation are core pillars of the day-to-day operations throughout the sector. In the past 24 months GPS has launched many new features designed to continue bringing a high-quality audience to our exhibitors and sponsors. These include the development of new conferences, premium networking, major public engagement and ever increasing investments in media and promotional efforts.

New to show over the past 24 months:

  • Full 3-day technical and strategic conferences
  • Founded GPS Executive Committees, Technical Committees and Awards Committees
  • Refit and improved show floor with a better organized segmentation and pavilions
  • CEO and Ministerial Summit with media program
  • Doubling the size of the Global Petroleum Club VIP program
  • Re-establishing meaningful partnerships with many new major Canadian oil and gas associations, industry media and stakeholders
  • Global Markets, GPS Awards, Young GPS
  • Unprecedented media coverage (more than 1500 distinct media spots in 2019)
  • Visitor Plus, Executive Shuttle buses, Exhibitor concierge, GPS x Cowboys X and the largest oil and gas rally in Canadian history

Leading into 2020 we are continuing this journey of innovation with the singular goal of bringing high-value ROI to our stakeholders. On February 3 the Global Petroleum Show will be changing its name to the Global Energy Show. As the third name-change in its 54-year history, the Global Energy Show is making this name change to ensure we can continue to grow our relevance and position as the key platform where buyers and sellers, policy makers and leaders make decisions that shape the future of energy. 

The decision to change the name of the show came about after a comprehensive process involving significant investments in research and industry stakeholder consultations. According to the World Energy Outlook, it is anticipated that energy demand will rise by 1 per cent every year. As the demand continues to grow, the importance of a sustainable energy mix is vital.

The Global Energy Show is evolving alongside the industry, encompassing the entire energy landscape. In 2020, a diversified energy mix will be featured as part of the exhibition, strategic and technical conferences, and special events including upstream, midstream, downstream and renewables. We believe that this transformation is not overnight, and that the growing demand for oil and gas, and hydrocarbons will remain at the core of the Global Energy Show for years to come.

Here at dmg we pledge to continue working very hard on your behalf to not just to keep pace but make the right investments to be at the leading edge of the energy dialogue that attracts global buyers and decision makers to the show floor.

New features for 2020

  • The Global Energy Investment Forum highlights the energy sector on the global stage, bringing opportunities for international and domestic investors to connect and build relationships leading into sustainable energy production for the next decade that will include topics such as:
    • Changes in policies
    • Global investment forecasts
    • Attracting Canadian investment
    • Future outcomes in global energy
  • The Global Energy CEO & Ministerial Summit defines policy for the energy sector in Canada by bringing government and business leaders in the industry to discuss economic development, green energy and new trade partnerships.
  • The Global Energy XTL Summit brings together key stakeholders involved in bio to liquids (BTL), gas to liquids (GTL), and all other conversions to value (XTL), across North America and the globe. 

These new features are over and above our already-established programs including the Strategic Conference, Technical Conference, Global Markets, the Global Petroleum Club and more.

It is you our customers, partners and shareholders, that make it possible for this vital industry platform to happen each year.

I very much hope to have the opportunity to speak to you and hear your thoughts and ideas on how we can make the 2020 show as successful as possible. Please do not hesitate to reach me by contacting our Calgary Office or by calling (403) 209-3555.

Nick Samain

Vice President, Energy

dmg events