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Energy Powering Opportunity
June 11-13, 2024
BMO Centre at Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada

Markus Muench

Markus Muench 300x300.jpg

Markus Muench

Senior Product Manager
Sunfire Fuel Cells GmbH

Markus Muench holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Leipzig University of Applied Science, Germany. He works in several positions and companies of the German photovoltaic industry as Product Manager, Head of Research and Development and Division Director for 19 years before he joined Sunfire in 2016 for product management and strategical business development with strong focus on off-grid power generation. At Sunfire, Markus’ work is focused on development and industrialization of innovations and products that are in-line with market and customer needs, which ultimately led to a variety of projects in Alaska, Canada, Europe, Japan and Malaysia, among others. Speaker Experience: Markus is leading the customer training program with focus on renewable energy technologies at Sunfire Fuel Cells and has provided in-person and online trainings for customers worldwide over the last 6 years. Last years presentations at trade shows and conferences were limited by COVID pandemic. Several presentations and trainings were held in English, i.a. • Internetional Pipeline Technology Conference 2019, Berlin, Germany • Off-grid Expo & Conference 2020, Augsburg, Germany • Fuel Cell Training Workshop 03/2020, Hungerford, UK • Customer Workshop on Fuel Cell Integration for Communication equipment in Oil & Gas industry, 06/2022, Calgary, Canada • Fuel Cell Training Workshop 06/2022, Bristol, UK • Customer Trainings on Fuel Cell Operation at Natural Gas Pipelines 07/2022, Malaysia White papers and case studies were issued in English, i.a.: • White Paper: Integration of Sunfire-Remote Fuel Cell Power Generators to Off-Grid Power Supply Systems, 2021 • Sunfire-Remote Fuel Cells reduce Emissions in Oil & Gas Industry, 2022 • Professional Off-Grid Power Supply Microwave Radio Stations, 2022

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