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North America's Leading Energy Event
June 13-15, 2023
BMO Centre at Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada


Gregory Welch

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Gregory Welch

University of Calgary

Dr. Gregory Welch is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Calgary. He has published 145 scientific papers and holds 15 patents in the areas of organometallic chemistry, metal-free catalysis, photovoltaics, and printed organic electronics. He obtained his BSc in Chemistry from the University of Calgary in 2003 and worked in the laboratories of Dr. Tristam Chivers and Dr. Warren Piers. He earned his PhD at the University of Windsor in 2008 under the supervision of Dr. Douglas Stephan where he developed the concept of Frustrated Lewis Pairs, metal-free hydrogenation catalysts. While trained as a synthetic inorganic chemist he diversified his skill set as a post-doctoral fellow working with Professor Guillermo Bazan and Nobel Laurette Alan Heeger, world leaders in organic electronics, at UC Santa Barbara. During this time Dr. Welch developed several game-changing organic materials that lead to the realization of record performance organic solar cells. This innovation led to the creation of Next Energy Technologies which is commercializing the technology via the introduction of transparent solar photovoltaic windows. Currently he runs the Functional Materials and Advanced Coatings Laboratory at the University of Calgary developing materials, processes, and devices for energy, health, and environmental applications. Key areas include printed photovoltaics, CO2 conversion catalysis, flexible lighting devices, and IoT sensors. He is also co-founder of CKGW Consulting specializing in advising industry on next-generation smart technologies and advanced organic materials. As a native Calgarian he is motivated to engage Alberta’s current energy industries and assist in future growth.