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Energy Powering Opportunity
June 11-13, 2024
BMO Centre at Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada

2022 Strategic Program Speakers

John Jurrius

Indigena Capital

Mr. Jurrius has spent over 30 years developing projects and providing financial solutions in partnership with Tribal Nations in the US and First Nations in Canada. His vision and determination to assist Indigenous Nations in using their rights and resources to create economies capable of sustaining their socio-economic needs has led to the creation of hundreds of millions of dollars of new long-term commercial revenue for Nations and their associated partnerships with industry and the financial community. These assets have provided above sector returns for investors while at the same time creating material assets for the Nations. Mr. Jurrius attended Angelo State University after serving in the U.S Military as a military intelligence analyst. Mr. Jurrius is an honorary Chieftain of the Blood Tribe.

Mr. Jurrius began his career in 1986, developing energy properties on the Southern Ute Reservation. In 1992 Mr. Jurrius had began partnering directly with the Nation on energy projects by sourcing joint venture capital to finance acquisitions in both the upstream and midstream energy sectors. In 1996, he agreed to serve as the Southern Ute Tribe financial advisor, responsible for the overall management of the Tribe’s financial affairs. It was during this time that Mr. Jurrius developed a comprehensive financial plan and model, which was adopted by the Tribe in 1999.

The purpose of the financial plan was to provide to the Tribe a strategic alternative to the Federal Government’s passive management model and deploy the Tribe’s estate to produce economic independence. At the same time, the plan institutionalized the separation of government and business activities and established a relationship between the financial health of the organization and the long-term expansion of social commitments to their membership which ensured economic stability, minimum levels of social programs and additional benefits, depending upon the prosperity of the Tribe’s business activities. The Financial Plan consisted of separating the Southern Ute's wealth into two portfolios: the Permanent Fund and the Growth Fund. The Permanent Fund is a low-risk, investment grade endowment fund formed to perpetually generate annual incomes that cover the costs of the Southern Ute Government activities and services. The Growth Fund holds the Southern Ute’s business enterprises. Given that Southern Ute's crude oil and natural gas reserves are finite, since 2001, the Growth Fund diversified into other investments including real estate, alternative energy and other opportunities, both on and off of Southern Ute land. In addition to serving as financial advisor for the Ute Tribe, he also served as the finance director of their Growth Fund. While working with the Southern Utes, significant accomplishments included the acquisition of Red Cedar Gathering Company; McKenzie Methane Corporation, the cornerstone of Red Willow Production Company’s producing properties; the Nation’s first non-reservation direct asset investment in Contango Oil and Gas Company, and the Tribe’s attainment of a AAA credit rating from Fitch and Moody’s rating agencies.

In 2008, Mr. Jurrius founded Native American Resource Partners, a Quantum Energy portfolio company that provided capital for energy opportunities with Indigenous Nations in Canada and the United States. NARP created four co-partnered energy companies with Nations as well as a specialized oilfield service company.

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